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Happy Valentine's Day

I’m seeing a lot of romantic movies lists today, and I’m absolutely loving them. But they bring to my mind the romantic movies I loved…until the ends. So, without further ado:

Shannon’s Top 5 List of Worst Romantic Movie Endings:

5. Last of the Mohicans

Two minutes, Uncas. Just two freakin minutes.

4. Forces of Nature

I don’t care if it was the right ending. I fell in love with this couple for that?

3. Sweet Home Alabama

He should have killed her and fed her to the dog. Pairing the most unlikeable heroine since Scarlett with that sweet guy was just wrong wrong wrong.

2. You’ve Got Mail

Gee, we’ve written our couple into a no-win situation. Let’s throw in a last-minute desire she (and we) never knew she had so nobody notices the hero squashed her like a bug.

And the number one worst romantic movie ending:

1. City of Angels

What the hell was that about? Next time you write a beautiful, touching movie, you bastards, don’t flush your freakin Prozac before The End.

But, lest you think me cynical, my favorite all-time romantic movie is Hope Floats. It makes me laugh. It makes me cry. And at the end I sigh and think “and they lived Happily Ever After.”

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Where are the Queer Eye for the Blog guys?

If you haven’t read Larissa’s Home Sweet Blog entry at Romancing The Blog yet and you blog, you should head on over there.

So, as I mentioned in her comments, if my blog was my house, I’ve just moved into base housing and my walls are white and my carpets blue. And I have no idea what to hang on the walls.

For those of you who saw the red restaurant theme (which I loved), it was pointed out to me that once I added the black & gold Ellora’s Cave covers to the red/black/white, my site was going to look like an Italian-run Chinese brothel. (I’m not sure where he came by that, but after thinking about it–he was somewhat right.)

So what do I want? I don’t like heavy graphics. I’m a simplistic kind of girl. Maybe it comes from growing up in a heavily-cluttered home. Or currently running a heavily-cluttered home. :wink: I want my on-line home to be neat and clean.

There’s also the problem of what kind of theme–funny/cartoony or sensual or whatever. I kind of like the funny/cartoony thing, and it would work with my first book, but not for the one I’m writing now. And I have no intention of redoing my site everytime I have a different kind of book come out.

So I’m probably going to go for a simple, uncluttered, lightly-sensual look. Maybe some will find it blah, maybe some people will like it. But as Larissa said (or maybe kind of said–I’m not directly quoting her here), sometimes you go into somebody’s house and don’t feel really comfortable with their decor, or lack thereof. But maybe you enjoy your friend’s company enough to ignore her barren walls or really ugly red couch.

So, anyway, right now I’m in the experimenting with the paint and carpet stage, and you might see changes with each visit. Or you might see bizarre boxes with mooshed text. Who knows? :wink:

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Another word from Mary/Eloisa

An interesting editorial in the NYT.

I think on some level the more this poor woman tries to defend herself from detractors, the worse it’s getting. She’s obviously a highly intelligent woman, and she references comments made to her while trying to counter them, and there are a whole lot of words coming from her mouth.

Unfortunately, I think some readers (and I’ve done it) kind of skim what she says and somehow it’s becoming twisted–what she’s saying and what she’s responding to. By the time they read the article, they’ve heard negative things about it and then read their own interpretations into it.

And considering how badly she got screwed with the last interview, I’m surprised she can bring herself to talk to/with the media again.

This one, I think, should be read carefully.

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Apparently while I had my head stuck down the html/css/php drain, reviewers became the hot topic du’jour. Or du’week. Perhaps launched by this entry from Paperback Writer. And, omg, do I wish I’d written:

Now, some ditz with internet access and a hair up an orifice for whatever reason wants to come and tell the world how he or she would write my book?

Others like Laurie LikesBooks and Giselle have weighed in. And, while I’m not sure if this entry predates the most recent ruckus or not, I really enjoyed this from The Red Pen Diaries.

I, personally, have never given much thought to reviews. (Yes, come ask me that when the reviews for Roadtrip start coming in.) I’m faithful to Mrs. Giggles, but that’s more for my own twisted pleasure than any desire to have assistance in my book purchases.

I used to enjoy AAR. Unfortunately, since I moved to cable modem, I can’t access it or my connection goes bu-bye, and I have to turn the computer totally off and then power it up again to rejoin the internet. Occasionally, if I google the right terms, I can backdoor into the site, but that’s rare. It’s too much of a PITA power-cycling the computer to risk it.

The only reviewers I have really strong feelings about are the ones who can’t be objective when they knowingly start reading-for-review a book with a premise they can’t stand. You’ve seen them. Reviewers who say something like:

“There was no motivation for not telling the hero she was pregnant. That’s why I hate secret-baby books.”

Or, “Like every other ghost book, I couldn’t buy into a dead guy for a hero.” (Probably uttered by a rabid vamp fan, though.)

(A rabid fan of vamps, not a fan of rabid vamps) :wink:

I don’t like amnesia stories or twin stories. Never have, and I have no idea why. But I’d like to believe if I were a reviewer, I wouldn’t pick up a romance featuring a twin with amnesia, then groan and say “this is going to suck” and then think I could be objective.

But other than that, I’ve come to the horribly annoying conclusion that I agree a little bit with each of the people who’ve weighed in on reviewers and disagreed a little bit with each of them.

I hate when I’m wishy-washy.

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An experiment

I am having a b—h of a time trying to import from here to WP, so I have no idea where this will go…if it will go.

But I’ll be blogging at from now on.

Sorry for the insanity! (But my mother DID teach me to share.)

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