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The first 3 Boston Fire books for only $2.99!

🔥Get the first three books in my BOSTON FIRE series together in one collection for only $2.99! That’s a great deal for three sexy firefighters!🔥

UPDATE: The second Boston Fire collection is also $2.99, so you can get all SIX Boston Fire books for SIX dollars!










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A 99 Cent After Christmas Sale!
Christmas is behind us, so the digital edition FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS is on sale for 99 CENTS this week only! (I’ll be changing to the price to the backlist pricing on Saturday or Sunday.) Extend your holiday reading with a fun, low-angst novella or get a head start on your holiday 2022 TBR pile!

With forty right around the corner, a small-town woman is content with her quiet life until a silver fox of a single dad walks through the door and sweeps her off her feet.

And just a reminder, if you like to grab paperbacks while you’re out shopping, HER HOMETOWN MAN is on the shelves this month only!

If you prefer to shop from the comfort of your home (or office or car or literally anywhere else) you can go straight to your favorite online retailer with this link:

I hope 2022 is going well for you so far, and happy reading!

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My favorite reads of 2021

I just sent the list of my favorite 2021 reads to my mailing list. If you’re not subscribed, you can read it here:

It was all murder books and fun kissing books, and at the end I picked my very favorite read of the year. Also, if you’re not subscribed to my newsletter and you’d like to be, there’s a link at the top of this page!

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Her Hometown Man released today!

Welcome to Sutton’s Place!

I’m so excited about this new series. We’ve all had a stressful couple of years and, like many of you, reading was my comfort. So was writing, and HER HOMETOWN MAN is full of things that make me happy—family, sisters, friendships, really good guys, a great dog, and lots of love and laughter. In the Sutton’s Place series, three sisters must come together to open their deceased father’s brewery-in-progress or their mother could lose everything. They definitely don’t expect to fall in love, and Gwen’s the oldest, so she’s up first!

The cover shows a smiling couple playing with a dog against a vibrant autumn background, with fall foliage around them and fallen on the ground. The woman has a long blonde ponytail and is casually dressed in a slouchy pink sweater layered over a white tee, with darker pink jogger pants and white sneakers. She has her hand on the shoulder of a dark-haired man in a long-sleeve gray tee and jeans who is down on one knee petting a large dark brown dog. There’s a large gazebo in the background.

She has many reasons to leave.

He’s the best reason to stay.

Summoned home by her mother and sisters, novelist Gwen Sutton has made it clear—she’s not staying. She’s returning to her quiet, writerly life as soon as the family brewery is up and running. But when Gwen’s lifelong crush, Case Danforth, offers his help, it’s clear there’s more than just beer brewing! Time is short for Case to convince Gwen that a home with him is where her heart is.

You can find buy links and read the first chapter here:

Or use this handy-dandy universal link to be taken straight to your favorite retailer:

Happy reading!

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An updated list of Christmas novellas!


I’ve always loved reading Christmas romance novellas over the years, so it’s no surprise I also like to write them! It’s hard for me to believe I’ve written so many of them, but with the release of Feels Like Christmas, I’m up to eleven!

In the Spirit: My first Christmas novella! When a holiday-loving ghost tries to rock around the Christmas tree with a Grinchy guest, will they both wind up on the “naughty” list?

Holiday Sparks: Definitely a reader favorite! This fun, sexy Christmas romance about a woman housesitting for her parents and having to call an electrician (who just happened to have a huge crush on her in school) is probably the most recommended of my holiday novellas.

Mistletoe & Margaritas: One of my personal favorites. A fun Christmas story, but you might need a few tissues as this widow starts falling for her deceased husband’s best friend. If you’re looking for a romance about two people falling in love without diminishing the love they had for her husband, this novella’s for you. I listened to “Tomorrow” by Chris Young on repeat while writing this one!

Snowbound with the CEO: It’s a movie! How exciting is that? The movie title is SNOWBOUND FOR CHRISTMAS and it’s available in DVD (I found it at my Walmart!) and it’s streaming on Amazon Prime this month!

Her Holiday Man: A single mother and a widower with no interest in love or Christmas are thrown together for the holidays and (with a little help from his mom) learn to embrace the joy in life again.

A Fighting Chance: When Adeline runs into the MMA fighter who got away (because her family drove him away), they decide to burn off the lingering chemistry between them, but it’s not that easy. (It never is, is it?)

Holiday With a Twist: A Christmas novella inspired by a lovely home converted to a pub in my town! (But the sexy bartender is entirely fictional.) Leigh and Croy have some history and he’s the last person she wanted to run into when she returned to her hometown for the holidays. But with her family on her last nerve, she needs a cocktail and Croy’s behind the bar. There’s also a cute pug, as well as a situation with a painting of a barn inspired by the painting of a barn my husband owns, despite my objections.

Hold Her Again: I hadn’t planned to write a Christmas novella that year, but I saw the cover for Chris Young’s Christmas album and the story popped into my head and refused to be shaken. When country star Jace Morrow returns to his hometown, he’s forced to face not only his past, but the woman whose heart he broke. It’s emotional, but also fun and Christmas-y, and unlike most of my New England-set novellas, this story is set in a fictional town in Missouri based on a small town that’s close to my heart.


A Second Shot: A very short novella originally published in a charity anthology, it’s a second-chance, hockey romance and a 99-cent sequel to Here We Go. (But the charity anthology came out first, so it was technically a prequel? It really doesn’t matter which order they’re read in, and A Second Shot stands alone.)


One Christmas Eve: I love this holiday romance! A seemingly uptight guy and a free-spirited, sexy woman butt heads and there’s Christmas and books and sticky notes and it’s so much fun!

Feels Like Christmas: Readers have been asking me for Nola Kendrick’s happily-ever-after for years, even though she only had a small role in Falling for Max and What it Takes, and it’s finally her turn!

With forty right around the corner, a small-town woman is content with her quiet life until a silver fox of a single dad walks through the door and sweeps her off her feet.

You can read the first chapter and find buy links on the Feels Like Christmas book page, and I’m already working on my 2022 Christmas novella!

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