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Check out this beautiful photo of HOLD HER AGAIN!

Check out this gorgeous autumn Instagram photo from megan_readingawaythedays. She has so many gorgeous bookstagram pics!

HOLD HER AGAIN displayed on a black tablet, set amidst brown and orange fall things, like leaves and colored pencils and an owl and a chipmunk


HOLD HER AGAIN releases 10/23, but you can find chapter one and buy links here!

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I’m getting excited for HOLD HER AGAIN!
Close up photo of male hands playing an acoustic guitar

“If there’s one truth in my music, Ava, it’s you. Loving you. Missing you.”

I love this holiday novella like crazy, and I hope y’all will, too. You can read the first chapter of HOLD HER AGAIN and find preorder links here!

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Happy First Day of Fall!

A photo of my husband riding his ATV through fall foliage with the caption: Happy first day of fall


I’m not a huge fan of heat and humidity (or bugs), so I love the transition from summer to autumn. Fall is my favorite time to ride, too, because it’s not as dry and dusty or too hot to wear layers (which help protect me from my RZR’s seatbelt and rogue branches).

At the same time, it also means winter is coming and the clock is ticking down toward closing up camp. It always goes by too quickly, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

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The Stacey Family’s Top 5 Movies

During dinner on Saturday night, my oldest randomly asked me what my favorite movie OF ALL TIME is and my brain froze up on me. One favorite movie? There is no way I could narrow it down to one movie, no matter how many hours I spent obsessing over it. But I did, after obsessing for only a few hours, manage to narrow my favorites down to an all-time Top 5, and forced my family to do the same.

My Top 5:



The Heat

A Knight’s Tale

Die Hard

(I had a hard time leaving Miracle off the list but as my oldest pointed out, it’s mostly blah blah blah and then the insanely emotional ending.)

My husband’s Top 5:

Open Range

Last of the Dogmen (I also love this movie madly.)

Pulp Fiction

Dances With Wolves

The Shootist (My favorite John Wayne movies both also star Maureen O’Hara: The Quiet Man and McLintock!) (They put the exclamation point on the title, not me.)

His honorable mentions because he cheats: Casablanca, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Zombieland, El Dorado

My 22 year old son’s Top 5:

Master and Commander

Spider-Man 2

Pacific Rim


The Empire Strikes Back

My 16 year old son’s Top 5:

Pacific Rim

Mad Max: Fury Road

Rogue One

Guardians of the Galaxy

A Knight’s Tale

My sons’ taste in movies might be one of the my greatest achievements as a mom. (Edited to add: except Spider-Man 2. He must get that from his father.) What are your Top 5?

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Read the first chapter of HOLD HER AGAIN!

Cover of Hold Her Again with invitation to read the first chapter on my website

Click here to read the first chapter!

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