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Wild Riders winners!

With the help of, I randomly drew two commenters to each win a set of the four WILD RIDERS books by Jaci Burton, with their hot new covers.

(Click the image to visit the Wild Riders page at

(Click the image to visit the Wild Riders page at

On to the winners!

Congratulations to Marina (comment #10) and Kimh (comment #45)! Please email me at shannon @ (without the spaces) to let me know if you prefer digital (along with which online bookstore you’d like them gifted … Read More »

The Alarm Clock (or Nuclear Reactor) of Doom

I don’t wake to regular alarm clocks. I never have, even when I was a child. Luckily, the musical alarm on my phone (which is about a foot from my head) wakes me up. As a matter of fact, it wakes me up at 6:00, 6:09, 6:18 and 6:27. If I don’t get up at 6:27, my husband calls me from downstairs and makes me get out of bed.

I’m not really a morning person.

Earlier this week, at approximately … Read More »

Adventures in pumping gas

We have a fairly comfortable routine when it comes to the College Kid coming home for a weekend visit. I pick him up on Friday, getting an hour of him all to myself, and my husband gets his hour on Sunday when he drives him back. But yesterday my husband took the younger one to the Nascar race, so I made the drive back to campus. As is often the case when my husband has driven the truck, I had … Read More »

Worth the Fall (AKA The Book Shan Devoured Like Candy)

I don’t really write reviews because I suck at them. I’m not an analytical reader and can rarely articulate what I did or didn’t like about a book. I’m kind of just left with an emotional reaction at the end, like meh or that sucked or omg, I loved it. Those don’t make for great reviews. But this book? Let me try to tell you about it.

Holding business card with book cover on it.

“I will be preordering this book as soon as this signing’s over.”

Read More »

I’m running amok and here’s where!

At the NOOK Press Blog, I’m talking about what it was like to revisit an older series: here

I’m talking about the perils of research at Sapphyria’s Book Reviews: here

At Fresh Fiction, I’m talking about the Story Idea Fairy: here

The Book Pushers have an excerpt! here

You can read an interview with me at The Book Nympho: here

And the Book Vixen has an excerpt and giveaway! hereRead More »

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