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#listifylife – Things I Collect

List of things I collect, listed below in text

Things I collect for this week’s Listify Life challenge!

Apple iThings – It’s like a sport, trying to get the new iThing all set up before Apple announces the next iThing and renders yours obsolete.

Signed sports stuff – The prizes of my collection being a signed picture of Adam Vinatieri taken seconds after kicking the field goal that won us our first Super Bowl and a signed picture of my beloved Bruschi tossing snow into the stands.

Lego Minifigures – Some of my favorites being Bellatrix Lestrange, my Bruins, and Rapunzel & Flynn Rider. (And I’ll stop now or I’ll be here all day.)

And the dustbunny and pen collecting won’t surprise anybody.

What do you collect?

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Love my blue-collar country boys

Sam Hunt lyrics graphic

The book I still can’t tell you about will be fueled almost entirely by Sam Hunt and Chase Rice songs.

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#listifylife – Scents That Conjure Up Memories

List of scents, below in text

Today’s Listify Life¬†theme is scents that conjure up memories. They’re hard to describe in words!

LOVE’S BABY SOFT – The perfume my dad gave me for Christmas when I was too young to wear perfume.

HAIRSPRAY – Some hairsprays remind me of the smell of sizzling hairspray being seared by a curling iron. Those bangs tho!

LIVER & ONIONS – Takes me back to gagging my way through washing the pan my stepfather fried his liver and onions in.

What about you? What scents take you back?

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#1linewed – He kissed a WHAT?

"I kissed a Yankees fan."

When a man kisses a woman, and THEN finds out she’s a Yankees fan…

Slow Summer Kisses

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Breakfast with the Staceys

Picture of my completed crossword puzzleSaturday morning, my husband and I went out for breakfast as we do on the weekends. It used to be a family affair, but children grow into teenagers who’d rather sleep late and then grab a Poptart in front of the PS4.

My husband usually reads the newspaper while I bomb around on my phone, but I wasn’t in the mood, so I grabbed the crossword puzzle and challenged myself to finish it before my breakfast arrived. I did…and then I had nothing to do.

My husband offered me the ad flyer from the local car dealership to look at, which I declined…

Me: I don’t need that. I’m going to be buried in my Jeep.

Him: Okay.

Me: You can’t do, it though. You’ll spend three weeks researching excavators. And then you’ll look at used excavators on Craigslist. And then you’ll research whether renting an excavator to do it yourself or hiring somebody to dig a Jeep-sized hole is more financially responsible. Then you’ll spend two weeks watching how-to videos on YouTube. Meanwhile, my Jeep will smell really bad because my dead body’s been in it for two months. I could ask [stepdad] because he just gets stuff done and he probably knows somebody with an excavator.¬†BUT…I’m not sure it’s smart to ask somebody who owns a commercial wood chipper to dispose of your dead body. I should tell our kids it’s my final wish to be buried in my Jeep and they have to honor it, but I think once I was dead and couldn’t yell at them, they’d just set the Jeep on fire with my body in it and call it a Viking funeral. Oh, we still have an episode of¬†Vikings on the DVR! I hate this season because (5-minute rant). But anyway, maybe I’ll leave my intellectual property rights to the person who promises to bury me in my Jeep. That’s legal, right?¬†Right?

Him: Sorry, I was reading this article. What did you say?

Me: Nothing. *pulls out phone*

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