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Chattering doubt monkeys

Oh, those lovely monkeys are really screwing with the muse tonight. For a variety of reasons, I’m going to take a shot at expanding the word count on Roadtrip. But I can’t read the damn thing!

Every time I look at the words on the page I get a little panic mini-attack. OMG. People are going to read this! For some reason, that knowledge makes every word look like total crap.

Now, I love this book. It’s probably the closest … Read More »

The family responds…

The husband: Almost speechless. Very proud, and lot of “I knew you’d do it.”

The short kid: “Will it be in French?” **

The tall kid: “So, you finally have a job?” Then, after some thought, “That’s cool mom, because being a published author isn’t something a lot of people get to do, and it’s a lot of hard work.” (Have I mentioned he’s my favorite son? *g*)

The stepmother-slash-best friend: Jumping up and down, screaming. “When can I read … Read More »

Short Wait vs Good Rejection

The husband occassionally asks about my fellow cohorts-in-crime and where everybody is in the flight pattern. He also knows that the correct answer for “What’s the average response time for H/S?” is anywhere from 2 days to 2+ years. Because he’s in a business where he has to jump or people don’t have heat, air conditioning, or light sockets that don’t curl one’s hair, it boggles his mind. (Surprisingly, more people get bitchy when they don’t have AC then when … Read More »

Time Mismanagement, Inc.

The husband says to me this morning “If you give up watching TV with me at night you’ll get an extra 2 or 3 hours.”

Now, I know my husband pretty well. I know what he really meant was “It’s okay if you write at night instead of sitting in the living room with me, staring at the TV and dissecting the shows during the commercials.” What he doesn’t get is that, after nearly eleven years, we’re barely clinging to … Read More »

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