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Just zooming through—I’m in the middle of accounting for Husband’s business, and he really hates when I get distracted in the middle of check-writing.

But I got my initial edits for Roadtrip! Woohoooo! I’m incredibly excited, because it’s kind of like a stepping stone. The next step, and all that jazz.

Of course, I haven’t opened the attachment yet. :lmao: Stay tuned.

*zoooooooooooom*… Read More »

His, uh…you know

With the husband’s business going strong and the writing and spring and the saving the world before bedtime stuff going on, the priorities around the house have shifted a bit. So the husband suggests, as far as household stuff goes, pretending I’m not home during the day. I’m away at the office, which doubles as his company office and my writing office. Then, like all other working moms, I leave the office at the end of the day and clean … Read More »

Online Romance Communities

I let myself succomb to a public pissy moment earlier tonight, and I’m pretty disgusted with myself for it. So, to help me remember that old “If you don’t have anything nice to say,…” chestnut, I’ve spent some time remembering what online romance communities—those same forums, lists, etc that make me crazy lately—have meant to me.

By the time the short kid was born, it was pretty much over for me. I still wrote, but my heart wasn’t in it … Read More »

Damn, that's one ugly baby

I’m quickly becoming accustomed to hearing that I write porn (although I’ve usually had at least one coffee before it comes up). I knew that some people held that misconception before I even sent that manuscript in, so it usually doesn’t bother me. This isn’t a ‘defend my book and chosen genre’ post, because if I start defending it every time I hear the word porn, I’ll spend so much time doing it I’ll be an activist instead of a … Read More »

Dude, where's my bonbons?

Ah, the glorious life of a writer.

The children went back to school today. YAY! Since we don’t ski, we’d much rather give up Winter Break and get out a week earlier in summer, but much like the government, the NFL, and the FIA, nobody’s called to ask my opinion. The husband just called to see how I enjoyed my two hours alone. Well, I went to the bank, to Walmart, to Ben Franklin, back to Walmart, the grocery store, … Read More »

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