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Synopses synapses misfiring

I’ve run into a brick wall. A big one. And it’s not one of those television moments where I hit the brick wall, bounce and climb over the wall. More of a total thud. Groaning. Not moving.

I’m trying to write a synopsis to accompany a proposal and I have no idea how the book ends. The black moment, the resolution—all of it’s a total mystery to me. I’m not even seeing enough of a glimpse so I can … Read More »

Facebook, Reading & Truck Ice Capades

If you’ve friended me on Facebook, you might have seen my message yesterday regarding my new Facebook page. As more of my family has discovered Facebook, I’ve struggled with the intermingling of personal and professional, so the time has come to separate them. If you’re Facebook friends with “author me”, I’d greatly appreciate it if you became a “fan” of my new page. (That feels so pretentious, but it’s Facebook’s terminology so I’m stuck with it.) I’m going to … Read More »

The "Yeah, but…" method of plotting

On the weekends, we eat out a lot. Dinner Friday night through breakfast on Sunday morning, generally. While it’s nice to think it’s because my husband wants me to have weekends off, it’s actually more like he wants “real” meals that taste good at least a couple of times a week.

Very often, sitting around the restaurant, the Tall Kid and I will commence plotting. It’s always a Devlin Group book because he couldn’t care less about my other books. … Read More »

Way of the Cheetah

On her blog this morning, PBW announced that, due to the inability of overseas folks to buy it, she’ll be removing Way of the Cheetah from Scribd tomorrow.

That means today is your last day to get it for $1.00. (If you live in the US, I guess.)

That’s right—$1.00.

What is Way of the Cheetah? It’s more than a writing how-to book. It’s like an intense session with Lynn Viehl during which she shares the philosophies and methods … Read More »

The elephant in the room: Losing an editor

As I’ve gotten a few emails and had a few conversations about Angie leaving Samhain Publishing to move to Quartet Press, I may as well address the issue here. I haven’t said much publicly and I don’t intend to. Trust me when I tell you suffering a devastating professional loss while being truly happy for a friend embarking on a new and exciting venture is an emotional basket of cracked eggs I don’t intend to splatter all over the … Read More »

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