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Method again

In a chat tonight (last night? It’s 1:30 in the morning) the method of “movie in the head” came up.

Now, while it may not seem to jive all that well with my little XXs (yesterday’s entry), I see my books as movies in my head. The reason I write out of order is that the cranial DVR player skips around. But—usually when I’m supposed to be sleeping—I can envision a scene as clearly as if it were on the … Read More »

If it ain't broke…

If I’ve learned one thing during the last couple of books I’ve written, it’s to stop trying to fix what isn’t broken. One thing I wanted to change about my process was writing snippets of scenes out of order. I wanted to start with chapter one and write straight through to the end. Well…nope. Can’t do it. Ain’t never gonna be able to do it. I’ve now stopped trying.

So here’s an example of what a very early page from … Read More »

Word count

First off, I know y’all read the Smart Bitches, but I’ll post a link to the word count discussion anyway. Then absolutely go read Diana’s rant, which, quite frankly, is more of an excellent explanation than a rant. I mean, she didn’t even use the F word. *g*

I said I’d blog about writing today, and lucky me—a topic pops up in time to meet the deadline. (If I write fast.) So for my take, I took two Word … Read More »


The opening of every book I write kills me. Every single time. I write chapter one, then rewrite the opening. Write a love scene, then rewrite the opening. Write the black moment, then rewrite the opening. Write the first I love you moment, then…yadda yadda yadda.

I’m never happy with them. I know the importance of a good opening—a point constantly hammered home by agents talking about zipping off a rejection if the first paragraph doesn’t grab them and readers … Read More »

Worldbuilding Deficiency Syndrome

I was originally writing this in the comments of yesterday’s entry, but I decided to pull it out and bring it to the front page.

From my post yesterday:

And worldbuilding is HARD! I don’t know how people do it. What I do know is that reading Holly’s Diplomacy of Wolves and PBW’s Private Demon and Dark Lover by J.R. Ward has shown me how high the bar is set.

And from Jaci (who has more than a passing acquaintance … Read More »

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