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I might have broken A Rule

Gasp. I know. There are no rules, only things the author does or doesn’t make work, right?

So I’ve been unhappy with the opening of DG3 for quite a while now. I couldn’t find the balance between the reader saying “OMG, what’s going on, I HAVE to know!” and the reader saying “Who are these people and why the hell should I care they’re sneaking around some guy’s house?”.

Last night a prologue popped into my head. As a rule … Read More »

Serial disorganization

Michelle asks:

I want to know, when you’re writing a series, how do you keep all the information straight. Do you have a journal where you write notes on each of the characters (ie from the Devlin group) and what they do, what they look like, whether they were shot or stabbed, etc. Or do you just keep referring back to the first book, which I assume would be a pain but… I know that JK Rowling built this whole

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RWA Idol

This was originally drafted as a Thursday Thirteen, but it grew to an epic length and you can’t really use the more link in the TT table. So I’ll use it today in lieu of babbling. (Okay, it’s still babbling, but at least it’s writing related.)

13 Reasons Why I’ve Listened to “RWA Idol” from last year’s RWA National Conference CD Many, Many Times

(Note: For those who don’t know, RWA Idol is like American Idol: Lucia Macro was Paula, … Read More »

Leave my darlings alone

Last week, I tried to draft a Thursday Thirteen list called “Thirteen Bits of Writing Advice I Totally Ignore (Usually)”, but I got stuck on #9. While I’m sure I’ll finish that draft at some point, one of them has been sticking in my head, especially as I work through the rough draft of Taming Eliza Jane.

Kill your darlings.

There are plenty of resources out there detailing the origins of the phrase, what the originator meant, and how … Read More »

Talking to myself on paper

I love the BS-sketch. It’s a very, very huge part of the process for me, but it’s something I don’t do until some of the book is already written. Here’s the sketch so far for Wings of Death:

It’s so…free. I find if I try to plot with lined paper or on the computer, my thoughts feel a need to be orderly and somewhat grammatically correct. The BS-sketch is just thought leading to another thought, connected by arrows. I … Read More »

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