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LB&LI Workshop: When Only The Right Word Will Do—Intro

So you’ve finished your first draft. Hurrah! You’ve had your cookie, IM’d your IM buddies, and now you’re ready to get back to work. You’ve got plot holes to fill, story arcs to track, typos to fix, transitions to smooth and floating body parts to ground.

Editing’s a daunting task. There’s this whole big picture and you have to concentrate on so many elements it’s easy to overlook the basic element that can add humor, help you show instead of

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LB&LI prep day

I’ll be fairly quiet today and tomorrow as I finish putting together my workshop for PBW’s Left Behind & Loving It virtual workshops. I didn’t realize until last night that this coincides with a “going north” weekend, so I’ll have to run it Wed through Fri instead of more over the weekend.

Still doesn’t have a title, but it’s basically going to cover making the second draft less shitty than the first by punching up the word choices.

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The Pseudopantser's Plotting: DG3

Pretty busy this morning, but I figured I’d share my “BS Sheet” for DG3. (Sometimes that stands for brainstorming and sometimes…yeah.)

Hey, it’s a book! Well, not quite. I pulled a couple of insets for you.

(The lolcats help me plot, apparently.)

The good news, I haven’t scribbled “dumbass” anywhere on it yet, which means I haven’t identified a plot hole that needs filling.

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Shan vs. Word Grammar Check

Just for shits and giggles, I sicced Word’s hideous grammar checking function on Becoming Miss Becky. Not because any publishing professional on the planet should use it, but just to amuse myself. And possibly you.

Shan: Lethal and lawbreaking men made a sight more sense to him than dimpled, dark-eyed women, that was for damn sure.

Word: Change women to woman

New Sentence: Lethal and lawbreaking men made a sight more sense to him than dimpled, dark-eyed woman, that … Read More »

Upcoming inaugural workshop & a devious dog

As part of PBW’s Left Behind & Loving It virtual workshop series, I’ll be doing my very first workshop here on my blog at the end of next month.

Oh noes! Coherence…I’ll has to has it!

It doesn’t have a snazzy workshop title yet, but I’ll be talking about punching up word choices in the second draft to add humor, show instead of tell, strengthen voice, and deepen characterization in deep POV. I’ll have some examples of my own, … Read More »

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