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Some pros and cons of the connected series

In the midst of my flailing for a blog topic yesterday, which can now be done in public thanks to Twitter, Jane suggested the limitations and advantages of writing a connected series book.

As a reader, I’ve grown increasingly conflicted about connected series. I used to love them without reserve but, over the last few years I’ve noticed some favorites A) have zero growth over the arc of the series or B) take the series in a direction I don’t … Read More »

Critique partner or enabler?

Who watches American Idol? (Don’t leave. This is about writing, not reality TV, so stick with me.) The auditions are the best part, but they’re an emotional rollercoaster for me. Not for my husband, who gleefully laughs his way through the dreadful, but he’s then he’s not creative. His artistic release is modeling HO-scale railroad—a logical, math-based pursuit. He doesn’t know what it feels like to pour your heart and soul into something and have it rejected. I cry … Read More »

Craft: It's a process, not an single act

Craft isn’t the act of putting words on the screen until you have enough of them to get to the end of the book and collect your paycheck. Craft is in the rewriting. Whether you edit each chapter as you go or you edit at the end of the first draft, you have to take those words whose sole purpose was to get the story down and refine them into a finished product.

I’m growing to throw out a paragraph … Read More »

When bad writing habits strike

Writers are always learning. Always growing. Always picking up tidbits here and there to tweak the writing process. Apparently, out of nowhere, it’s possible to pick up a bad habit, as well. A really, really bad habit. A friend recently read the opening of the Super Sekrit Contemporary Project and pointed out that I’d shortchanged the story by recapping what should have been on the page. With that fresh in my mind I found a place in my Intrigue-wanna-be opening … Read More »

A wee bit of redirection

Busy today, but, if you haven’t, make sure you check out the comments on yesterday’s post, where some awesome one-line writing advice is being given. :type:… Read More »

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