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Retro Shan: Secret babies

(I’m grinding along under a self-imposed deadline and the project happens to be a reunion/secret baby—because I love me some secret babies—so here’s a post I originally wrote in April of ’08.)

My unabashed adoration for secret baby romances isn’t something I keep buried behind the bassinet. I’ve even written two of them myself. As a reader I’ve gone through a ton of them, and I have certain expectations:

1. Whatever separated them post-conception can’t sustain the book. There has … Read More »

When your own heroine's unlikeable

I’ve been thinking about 72 HOURS a lot in the last day or so. Not only because it’s currently a Kindle freebie, but because of Dear Author’s blog post, The Case of the Unlikeable Heroine.

I had some issues with Grace, the heroine of 72 Hours—issues that brought the writing of the book to a grinding halt. After reaching a point in the story where she made a decision I couldn’t live with it, I not only didn’t … Read More »

A scene from DG4

I’m choreographing an action scene from DG4 today. Last time I broke out the Legos to choreograph a scene, I was going to share, but the scene was built on my desk and you could read my bank statements in the picture. I deleted it.

Sadly, now that school is back in session, most of the Legos have gone back upstairs, leaving me with the left-behinds—a mish-mash bucket of miscellaneous pieces. Because I’m too lazy to go upstairs, I was … Read More »

When stupid attacks

I’ve been slowly chugging along on my non-DG action-adventure romance, also known as the most flat, boring book ever written. Insert big, dramatic sigh here.

I know it’s the first draft. First drafts are allowed to suck because otherwise it wouldn’t be a first draft. But, for me, a flat story with no discernable voice usually indicates my story is broken somewhere. And it is.

The premise is stupid.

Not implausible. Not unlikely or dependent on coincidences or cliched … Read More »

A Slave to Structure

So Tuesday morning I spent several hours at the computer working. Notice how I didn’t say writing? I wasn’t writing, I was obsessing. Obsessing is something I’m fairly good at it, but Tuesday morning was excessive, even for me.

What was I obsessing over? Structure. I had my little chart and was calculating word counts of chapter and scenes, along with where the plot points were falling in regard to the word count and…

I’ve always been a little traditional … Read More »

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