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Lost in the Digital Conversion?

Yesterday I realized I didn’t have a copy of No Surrender on my iPod Touch. I like to have previous books in a series at my fingertips so I can refer back to descriptions of characters and events while writing the current book. The problem—my author copies weren’t on the Macbook.

How much do I detest having to fire up the old Toshiba laptop? I actually considered buying a Kindle copy of my own book so it would automagically appear … Read More »

Identity & waiting too long

Last night, the husband and I watched Identity, a 2003 movie I’d never heard of. In flipping through the on-screen guide, I stumbled across it and recorded it on a whim. An hour and a half later, after the kids went to bed, we watched it. What made me hit record on a movie I’d never heard of? John Cusack. That was enough.

It also stars Ray Liotta, Amanda Peet, Alfred Molina, John Hawkes and John C. McGinley. I’m … Read More »

The "Yeah, but…" method of plotting

On the weekends, we eat out a lot. Dinner Friday night through breakfast on Sunday morning, generally. While it’s nice to think it’s because my husband wants me to have weekends off, it’s actually more like he wants “real” meals that taste good at least a couple of times a week.

Very often, sitting around the restaurant, the Tall Kid and I will commence plotting. It’s always a Devlin Group book because he couldn’t care less about my other books. … Read More »

Way of the Cheetah

On her blog this morning, PBW announced that, due to the inability of overseas folks to buy it, she’ll be removing Way of the Cheetah from Scribd tomorrow.

That means today is your last day to get it for $1.00. (If you live in the US, I guess.)

That’s right—$1.00.

What is Way of the Cheetah? It’s more than a writing how-to book. It’s like an intense session with Lynn Viehl during which she shares the philosophies and methods … Read More »

A question of dialogue structure

When it comes to certain aspects of writing, I can be a bit of a…traditionalist. (Though some might say old-fashioned stick-in-the-mud.) It’s one of the things Maya loves best about me. (Not. *g*)

One of the things driving me batshit crazy I’ve been noticing of late is a change in the structure of dialogue passages. To me, there are three ways to build a paragraph with dialogue.

“I hate when you say something’s against the rules.” Maya slipped off an

Read More »
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