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Working titles

I am really bad at titles, so my manuscripts tend to have working titles right up until the last possible second. Wandering around the blogosphere, one sees working titles here and there.

Jordan refers to her upcoming novel, Atlantean’s Quest Bk.4: The Return as AQ4. Emma refers to her current works in her progress meter by the couples’ names.

I made a list the other day of projects at the plate and projects on deck, and here’s a sampling of … Read More »

Menage a…deux?

Oh, the woes of being vanilla.

I write erotic romance, and in the world of erotic romance, menage a trois and menage a more are HOT! Whether it’s M/F/M or M/M/F or Vamp/F/multi-penised alien, they sell and they sell well.

In the tiny little chum bucket the muse keeps for story ideas she’s not allowed to touch while already juggling multiple projects, a story idea was born which essentially was two couples finding love together. All together. In many different … Read More »

Page 1, page 2, page 185, page 34

Emma talked about writing out of order yesterday. She can’t do it, and neither can Alison.

I can’t write in order. I get bored. I get very uninspired. To me, it’s like going to a carnival and riding each ride in turn in a polite and orderly fashion. I want to run around that carnival like a madwoman, hitting the best rides first. Then, when I’ve ridden them all until I want to throw up, I’ll use up my … Read More »

Killing my hero

After much debate, argument, and a first draft with a bushel of “rule” inconsistencies, I have no choice but to kill my hero.

He’s not very happy about being dead. Or being undead, rather. He much preferred being the un-undead. But being technically alive, but not really, was too much of a headache for his transcriptionist (me).

Tis hard to make stuff up. Sure, I can make up my own rules, but then I have to actually follow them. And … Read More »

Getting in the mood

No, not that mood. Sheesh.

Yesterday was not a great day. ‘Nuff said. But, today I need to get my butt to work. And, like most writers, music can help—especially if each project has a theme song. Which…mine do. Since I’m probably going to actually shut my computer off and go work at the dining room table, I figured I’d share my themesongs before I go.

“Baby, I Lied” by Deborah Allen (Themesong for Twice Upon A Roadtrip)


Read More »
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