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Money Redux

Lee Goldberg mentions one of Alison’s previous posts in which she discloses her earnings for one of her Blaze novels.

I think Alison’s generosity with this information is awesome! Writing is one of those wonderfully rare careers one delves into with no true idea of what the paycheck will be, and sharing this kind of info is very beneficial.

But I’d like to take a closer look at one part of Alison’s post:

$18,191.15 from June of 2000 when I

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On revisions

Kensington Brava editor Kate Duffy made the following comment on Lori Foster’s message board recently:

But the point is if an editor wants you to revise, she should buy the book first. She’s suggesting revisions that will suit her. She or he should make a commitment to the project. When someone on my side of the desk says, “Here’s what I want you to do to improve your story…” it should be followed up with, “and here’s how much I

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Ellora's Cave print books

The best of both worlds? This is from Raelene Gorlinsky, Managing Editor of Ellora’s Cave Publishing:

Over 150 Ellora’s Cave romantica books are now available in print! That actually encompasses more than 170 of our digital releases, as some shorter novels get combined into print anthologies. More are published each week; eventually almost all EC stories will be available in paper. The books are trade paperback size, excellent quality paper and printing. You can find a list of what’s out

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Cranky moment

You know what pisses me off? That the members of RWA PAN (Published Authors Network) probably have a lot of experience with what I’m doing right now, but because my book is slightly shorter than what the RWA feels makes a book, I don’t have access to that wealth of knowledge.

My publisher–which is recognized by RWA–considers it a book. Why is that not good enough?

My membership renewal deadline’s in 28 days. Right now I could care less.

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Rating books

Ratings on books (see Jordan taking about the March RWR article by agent Ethan Ellenberg) is an issue I’m still on the fence about. When it comes to movies and video games, I’m a parent–I’m all for them. But for romance novels? Unless they’re marked YA, they’re for grown-ups, right?

And isn’t it one more division in a genre growing more divided by the day? One more classification a reader can apply to “I only read…”

Then again, as pointed … Read More »

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