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On the flipside

From the blog of Vicki Hinze—a writer for whom I have a great deal of respect.


WARNING: This is an edit-free zone…
“I know of no more disagreeable situation than to be left feeling generally angry without anybody in particular to be angry at.” –Frank Moore Colby

For the past several days, I’ve heard from and read an awful lot about RWA’s policy on graphic content on book covers. Like fire that burns hot and

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A question…

the husband has asked:

How does it effect my career long term if I tell the RWA to kiss my ass and give me some of my :censor: money back?

How big a deal is to romance publishers/editors/agents if I’m not a member of RWA? How about if I was a member and left in a rather…kiss my ass manner? Does that make me a troublemaker? A person prone to hissy fits and less than desirable to work with?

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And so it begins…

Alison reports that Ann Jacobs was refused the opportunity to sign her Ellora’s Cave release in the RWA booth at BEA.


:rant: :censor: :rant:

If you’re currently an RWA member, please read the RTB post, Letter to RWA and consider adding your name to the list. Remember, this isn’t an issue confined to erotic romance writers.

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The resonance of Silent Bounce

Holly says it all with regards to the rumors of RWA’s intention to become a writer’s organization who censors writers. I nipped a couple of my favorite lines to share, but go read the entire thing. It rocks.

RWA has become a censor and is requiring its members to become censors? The RWA has become a writing organization promoting censorship, and writers don’t know what to do?

Really? Seriously? This isn’t obvious?


And another bit:

Don’t waste

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Erotic romance chapter, anyone?

Taking a few minutes away from edits for a message from Sylvia

I’m waiting on information about starting a new chapter of RWA. I’ve been discussing this for months and never got on it. Finally, I bit the bullet. With the current climate, I’m not sure how well the idea of an erotic romance writer’s chapter would go over, but it’s worth looking into. There’s an inspirational chapter, but nothing to build recognition and advocacy for erotic romance authors.

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