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I’m doing the art sheet for 72 Hours, and I’m realizing that—yet again—I’ve managed to write a book with very little, if any, description of the hero and heroine. I like very little description as a reader because I make my own images and no amount of description on the author’s part is going to dislodge that visual. Clearly I write the same way. Which isn’t a bad thing unless the cover artist wants to know what they look … Read More »

Ebook advances and a banner

I absolutely love the animated banner that the Goddesses of Promo made for Twice Upon A Roadtrip. Unfortunately, my “posting” area is 18 pixels narrower than a standard banner width, but if you want you can check it out here. (In the spirit of less coveting/more working my ass off, I’m not going to attempt to fiddle with either the blog or the banner. )

Also, the Smart Bitches and visitors are having an interesting conversation about Harlequin’s … Read More »

RWA. Rinse. Repeat.

Redefining romance. Again. Fortunately, since my RWR comes a day or two later than others’, y’all know the backstory. (Bolded parts below were underlined in the survey—emphasis theirs—but I underlining escapes me at the moment.)

Option A—“Romantic Fiction” or “Romance” means a story in which a predominant part of the story line focuses on the romantic relationship that develops between one man and one woman on more than a physical level. Although other elements and subplots may be components of
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Oh, and the most fabulous Barb

No, not Streisand.

I meant to mention toward the beginning of the recent lull in the RWA Great Annual Brouhaha, that Barb, the president of the Chick Lit Writers RWA chapter totally rocks. Throughout the goings on (mostly on rwaorg), she spoke against the GS rationally, intelligently and eloquently.

:clap: I swear, even though Chick Lit isn’t my usual cup of tea, she was so awesome I almost joined the chapter anyway. :clap:… Read More »

My head's spinning 'round on my shoulders

What do you do if you don’t like the arguments writers are making against being censored? Censor the :censor: list and bounce their :censor: rejected posts back to them!

Where the :censor: is my membership card?


So nobody says anything to the woman who calls us TRASH, but I can’t respond to a post with:

Except for the fact it says all RWA programs and services–
lit signings and the RITAs are RWA programs?–and Ann has already

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