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Weekend Question: The Query Letter

I’ll be forgoing the actual question this weekend. My reason for that is here. Instead I’m posting a mock query letter and I hope any authors who stop by will check it out, give a quick comment on what you think works or doesn’t, what’s worked for you, etc.

NOTE: I’m not asking for critique of MY query. This is an example only, for illustrative purposes.

I’ve added a couple of notes as to why I went the way

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Snow, earbuds and query letters

Another foot of snow. That’s one good thing about being on winter break—we’re not getting dinged for yet another snow day.

Scalzi has confessed to having non-earbud-friendly ears. It’s so nice not to be the only person who can’t pull off that hip and sleek earbud look. I have to use full headphones, dammit.

I’ve been following Dear Author’s Saturday Query series, though probably for all the wrong reasons. It kills me to read those entries/comments.

Those aren’t query letter … Read More »

Weekend Question: To stet or not to stet

The question for this weekend is…

Would telling my editor where to shove her red pen kill my career? She corrected my grammar and caught my typos and pointed out plot inconsistencies, but then she goes on to “suggest” rewrites that change sentence structure. She likes long flowery sentences and this is a romantic suspense. Another example is when I used the word “stroked” and she wanted it changed to “petted”. He’s stroking her hair, and she doesn’t have four

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Something new—the Weekend Question

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, so I guess I’ll just get on with it.

One of my favorite things about the romance community is how generous authors are in sharing their experiences, advice and such. I can’t even begin to quantify the impact authors such as Karen Templeton, Patricia McLinn, and Deborah Hale have had on all facets of my writing. (Okay, there are many others, too. So many I’m not even going to try

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My branding iron's bent

Charli’s talking about branding again: Careers, branding, labels. It’s a great post, but it also makes me want to crawl under my desk with a blanket, a bag of Doritos and several Dunkin Donuts iced coffees.

This is one of those “I’d rather talk about jock itch” discussions for me. I know about branding. Trust me, you don’t target Harlequin/Silhouette for years without learning about branding.

As a reader, I appreciate branding. I know if I grab up the next … Read More »

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