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New Kids on the ePublishing Block

Quartet Press, first introduced to the masses in this Romancing the Blog post, has reached pre-launch status and you can now find more information about them and what they’re looking for in submissions at

Which most of you already know due to the buzz of excitement surrounding this team, so why mention it? Because there are probably a few writers out there wondering why the announcement of recent epublishers has been met with anything from advice … Read More »

Wattpad aiding authors in combating piracy

Recently I was browsing the iPod App Store and stumbled across the Wattpad app. My reaction? Well, here’s what I said on Twitter:

“Annoyed Apple allows Wattpad app. Effin pirates abound. Reviews filled w/ outrage not enough free NEW books stolen.”

(Which sounds rather harsh in the light of day, but I’d recently found one of my titles on that site and pirates do push the hostility button in an author.)

Today I received a nice email from Mr. Allen … Read More »

No response equals no thanks

Today is #queryday on Twitter, so I asked the question I’ve been mulling over since #agentfail:

Q: Is ‘no response=no thx’ the new reality or an urban myth begun by writers who slipped through the cracks?

Apparently, and unfortunately, NR=NT is not an urban myth. Upon reading the answers, I’ll admit I performed a rather spectacular flounce. (Privately, of course, in my office, with my fingers NOT on the keyboard.) With some agencies racking up six to twelve+ month response … Read More »

Things I Wish Authors Would Stop Saying to Other Authors: Part 1

Don’t worry about grammar. That’s what editors are for.

1. Would you believe a lawyer who told you to go to your interview at the firm in your underwear because they’ll tell you the dress code after they hire you?

2. If an editor is holding one fresh, engaging story in each hand and one is clean and the other riddled with grammatical errors, which do you think she’ll buy?

You’re helping keep down ever other romance writer on the Read More »

Weekend Question: Novellas

I’ve written several single title length romances that have all been rejected and I’m tired of investing so much time in them so I’m trying a novella instead. I have a couple of questions, if that’s not cheating.

How do you break up the chapters in a novella? Are the about the same length as in a single title, but just fewer of them or are they shorter chapters?

Even though I have to invest less time, am I making

Read More »
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