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Lending Samhain titles

It was announced this morning on Twitter that Samhain Publishing has signed the addendum with Barnes & Noble so Nook users will be able to lend Samhain titles to their friends using the Nook’s lending feature.

I think this is great news and I’m proud to be with a reader-friendly publisher.… Read More »

Retro Shan: Negative Reviews

(I’m still crazy busy, so here’s a repeat from 3/29/07—a Thursday Thirteen list I did on dealing with rejection. Number five was, and still is, just a joke.)

Thirteen things you can do with a printed copy of a negative review:

1. Set it on fire in the driveway. (An obvious one, yes, but a method I’ve used on crappy drafts in the past. I have stopped doing that, but only because the Mustang has a slow gas leak. Wouldn’t

Read More »
Ratings for romances: yay or nay?

Following a link on Twitter this morning, I read a blog post in favor of a rating system for romances. This has come up before, when erotic romance was hitting the shelves and a major agent called for a rating system. The response was overwhelmingly negative, but I’m not surprised it’s come up again. Not only has erotic romance been embraced by NY, but it often seems as though the heat level has been jacked up across the board.… Read More »

Some pros and cons of the connected series

In the midst of my flailing for a blog topic yesterday, which can now be done in public thanks to Twitter, Jane suggested the limitations and advantages of writing a connected series book.

As a reader, I’ve grown increasingly conflicted about connected series. I used to love them without reserve but, over the last few years I’ve noticed some favorites A) have zero growth over the arc of the series or B) take the series in a direction I don’t … Read More »

The things people say to RWA

I’ve been watching the RWA versus epublishing debate for years, and I have a somewhat moderate stance on the issue, I suppose. My publisher is professional. My editor is a professional. I am a professional. It would be nice if RWA recognized that. But how does RWA recognize Samhain without recognizing Fly-By-Night Porn, Inc? I don’t know.

I do know some of the RWA-Hate I’ve seen recently isn’t helping. And no, I didn’t join the new yahoogroup for RWA Change … Read More »

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