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Protecting the work

It’s a phrase I’ve heard a lot in the writing corners of the romance community: Protect the work.

I’ve seen it applied to several situations, including protecting your work (voice) from over-stepping critique partners/groups. But when I think of “protect the work”, I think of the essay by Jennifer Crusie, originally written as a PAN column for the 9/98 issue of RWR. It’s an excellent blog post and, if you write, you should go read it if you … Read More »

Could self-publishing digitally backfire?

So there’s a revolution afoot, with J.A. Konrath seemingly appointed the Robin Hood of the publishing world. Screw the publishers and self-publish via Kindle! Make six figures!

I’m happy for him. Really. My husband and I both read the Jack Daniels series and in my living room there are ten print books on the shelf—eight written by me, one signed Nora Roberts and my signed copy of Afraid by Jack Kilborn (Konrath). I’m a fan.

Here’s the thing, though—the drum … Read More »

A book by any other name…

Sometimes (I’d go so far as to say oftentimes, actually) the title on a manuscript when it’s submitted isn’t the same as the title on the cover when it’s published. The process of change is actually quite simple. The editor nonchalantly says “Oh, by the way, you need a new title. Send me a list of possibilities.” The author then nonchalantly says, “Okay, no problem” while secretly doing a rather impressive mental impression of the Home Alone kid screaming in … Read More »

Way of the Cheetah

On her blog this morning, PBW announced that, due to the inability of overseas folks to buy it, she’ll be removing Way of the Cheetah from Scribd tomorrow.

That means today is your last day to get it for $1.00. (If you live in the US, I guess.)

That’s right—$1.00.

What is Way of the Cheetah? It’s more than a writing how-to book. It’s like an intense session with Lynn Viehl during which she shares the philosophies and methods … Read More »

Dealing with one star Amazon reviews

I’m sure most of you aware there were two spectacular meltdowns in response to one star reviews on Amazon—one by the author herself and another by an author’s friends. There’s no sense in linking to them as 1) so much unattractiveness on a Sunday afternoon and 2) the author in the first case has already deleted her comments from what I hear.

It sucks getting a one star review. Some of them make you roll your eyes or they’re annoying … Read More »

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