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One step back

It’s Friday already? This was a challenging week for me and I gained back one pound. The only saving grace (aka, the thing keeping me from saying “screw it” and hitting the McDonald’s drive-thru) is the fact I can see where I went wrong and, in fact, anticipated not having a happy weight check.

We haven’t had a lot of snow—heck, we’ve barely had winter—so last weekend my husband finally went snowmobiling, which I’d been dreading since starting this endeavor. … Read More »

Progress and epiphanies

Lost three more pounds. Yay! I know right now I’ve got plenty of excess crap to burn off and it won’t be very long at all before it evens off and I have to start fighting for those pounds. But that’s okay.

Epiphany was the word of the week.

Epiphany #1: I’m turning forty in September and, because I think my forties are going to be my most awesome years yet, I want to enjoy them. That means being healthier … Read More »

Tongue twisters at the crack of dawn

First, despite the magnificent salad/freaking ravenous incident, I weigh three pounds less today than I did on Monday. Woohoo! If I can do that again, my weight next Friday might start with a 21-something rather than the 22-something it’s been since I had the Short Kid. (Actually, looking at some pictures, I suspect around the time he was three I was hitting 23-something or more.) And, no, it’s not comfortable discussing my weight, but I’m not alone and maybe somebody … Read More »

Weight Watchers, salad and a wary dog

I started Weight Watchers first thing Monday morning. I’ve tried it before and lasted about a day and a half, but I’m pretty determined this time. I can only assume, based on what I’ve seen from previous RWA National conferences that, if I go this July, somebody will end up with me in the background of a photo or something. Blech.

Monday I was a little rushed at lunch time, so I popped one of those microwave meals in. They’re … Read More »

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