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Friday. Scale day. And today it said…I lost one pound. Woohoo! It went back and forth between 204 and 205 for a few seconds, but I had baked mac & cheese for supper last night and it settled on the 205. So that’s 20 pounds lost so far in 2012 and, since I put 55 stones in the Pounds To Lose jar, I’m more than a third of the way there.

It’s encouraging, but it’s also messing with my head … Read More »

Friday date with the scale

I was pretty shocked when I stepped on the scale this morning and discovered I’ve lost three pounds since last Friday. Very shocked, actually.

I had a bit of a bad week. I got a bit whiny and petulant and my attitude about calculating points and tracking my food was along the lines of a three year old’s I don’t wanna. I recognized that earlier in the week and, rather than feel more stressed and miserable about it, I … Read More »

Friday check-in and book stuff

Lost one pound this week and I’m happy with that. I ate some Not Very Good Things to make up for last week and, besides slipping on my “eat breakfast every day” resolution, I got frustrated with tracking and skipped a little bit. If what I’m eating doesn’t come with a nutrition label, I have a really hard time figuring out points. But I’m going to do better this week. I’ve also been poking around the Skinnytaste website because the … Read More »

Fifteen down

This morning the scale told me I’ve lost six pounds since last Friday. I can see that concerned look and hear the “Yeah but, Shan…”, but I promise I’m aware of the two-pound-per-week thing and, not only was this week’s big loss due to other things going on, but I’m prepared for the probability I’ll gain a couple back when I’m back to 100%. I’m not fasting, using crazy pills or doing anything else possibly detrimental to my health.… Read More »

A day late and three pounds short

Even though I never did get the blog post written, I got on the scale yesterday for my Friday morning weigh-in. And after I got off the scale, I got to move three glass stones to the Pounds Lost jar. Yay!

WW said my first “sensible” target weight would be 212.8 but, since my ancient scale doesn’t do decimal points, I’ll call it 212. So I’m four pounds away from hitting that target weight, which means I’m four pounds away … Read More »

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