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Just a fraction

Lost .8 this week. Not a gain, but not much in the way of a loss. I’m pretty much spinning my wheels now, so…

1) I have to start tracking points again. And I mean it this time.
2) Treadmill starting Monday. And I mean it this time.
3) The following Monday, starting Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred. I did it once before, several years ago, but I wasn’t doing anything else (like the treadmill or eating well), … Read More »

One pound to the zombies

Scale day, and I lost one pound, which means I lost the pound I gained back last week and I’m back where I was two Fridays ago. I can live with that, I guess. I would have liked more, but I didn’t really do anything to make that happen. Zero tracking and I only used the treadmill once, since I found really creative reasons not to get on it every other morning.

Like this morning. I’m exhausted because I spent … Read More »

Fighting off the return of the two

I gained one pound back this week. I blame my children. And my mom came to visit yesterday, so I can blame her, too. :lol:

That single pound is a wake-up call in a couple of ways. One, the gap between my current weight and returning to the 200s is back to being measured to the right of the decimal point. Don’t want to go back there, so I need to be very good this week.

And, two, I’m going to … Read More »


Doing a mad dash through because I’ll be away from the computer all day, but I lost 1.2 pounds. Since I had a crappy, scale-avoiding mood last week, that’s actually 1.2 pounds in two weeks, which isn’t awesome. But I survived the crappy attitude with weight loss intact, which is awesome. It’s one more stone in the Pounds Lost jar.

How’d you all do? Like I said, I’ll be away today, but I’ll catch up later!… Read More »

Update-less Update

I’m not getting on the scale today. I’m just not. That’s probably wrong/naughty/negative-word-here, but I don’t care today.

I’m not sure which way it would even go. My husband worked a gazillion hours, so we had more than our share of take-out, but I also tried to be good and I did a lot of spring cleaning. It’s not really about the number.

When the “scale” reminder on my phone went off this morning and my first, second and third … Read More »

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