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Running late

I meant to do a long post about how my eating “urges” and not just habits, have changed along with some before and after pics, but this morning was one long technical difficulty.

I’m actually writing this on my phone, which is limiting, but good practice for blogging from Anaheim. I figure it’s easier than dictating blog posts to the housesitter over the phone.

So I lost 2.6 weeks this week, which means I’m very close to being in the … Read More »

Quick check-in

According to the scale I lost exactly one pound this week. I guess the Jello and chicken broth diet wasn’t as effective as I’d hoped. But it’s another pound in the Pounds Lost jar. My total loss since the beginning of the year is 37.2 pounds and I’m 17.8 pounds away from my goal. I’m not going to reach that before Anaheim, but that’s okay. At least I’ll still be able to go and I might even be able to … Read More »

Friday again already?

Down 3.8 pounds this week. Which is exactly what I lost last week. Weird, but maybe that’s my official Gallstones Suck weight loss amount. I’m actually glad it’s not more. Keeping it under four per week means it might be easier to keep off after recovery and maybe I’m getting enough nutrition so I’m not weakening other things, like my immune system or whatever. I feel weakened, but I think a lot of that’s in my head. I’m starving, so … Read More »

Cheating the jar

I lost 3.8 pounds this week, but I’m totally cheating. Or rather, my gallbadder’s cheating by coughing up gallstones that cause so much excruciating pain one becomes literally terrified to put food in one’s mouth. Monday I have an appointment to discuss surgery, so by the time this thing’s wrapped up and recovery’s over, I’ll probably have cheated my way into some nice weight loss. The key will be not bouncing back too much when I feel better.

So, to … Read More »

Another one down

Lost one pound this week. One. Single. Pound. That puts me down 28.2 pounds since the beginning of January and I’m ready to get over that hump where I can say “lost thirty pounds” rather than “almost thirty pounds”.

For those of us in the States, this will be the first challenging weekend of the summer: three days of barbecue fun! Cheeseburgers. Coleslaw. That funky salad with the Jello and the fruit and the yummy, yummy whipped cream.

How … Read More »

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