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Not a happy scale day

So I gained 1.2 pounds this week. Ouch. I kind of thought I’d been doing well, but getting on the scale forces a little introspection. Let’s take yesterday…

Didn’t eat breakfast. Just coffee coffee coffee. Come lunchtime, Taz was driving me crazy so I packed up my notebook and went to work at the restaurant, intending to have a nice salad with some grilled chicken. They were, however, serving mushroom swiss burgers as the lunch special and I never pass … Read More »

A woman with a plan (kind of)

So, I managed to lose a whopping 0.4 since my last WW logging which, much to my dismay, seems to have been 9/28. I must not have put 10/4’s in there, even though I blogged about it. The bottom line is that I’m still six pounds up from my lowest weight on August 24th. And I’m back up to fifteen pounds to go until my goal weight.

Obviously I’ve been lax about keeping track of things and getting on the … Read More »

Going the wrong way

ACK. I gained 2.8 pounds this week. Since August 24th, I’ve gained back 6.4 pounds. I keep telling myself—

It’s natural to have some fluctuation.
My stress level’s been crazy.
My sleep pattern has been totally screwed.
Blah blah blah…

Basically, I keep giving myself excuses. And I’m already excusing myself for the long weekend. Going to camp and the extended family’s going to be there. Lots of munchies.

Come Tuesday, I’ll be kicking myself in the ass. Tracking. Eating … Read More »

Stuck in a rut

The scale says I weigh the same as I did last week. *sigh* Did no tracking, drank too many iced coffees and too many slices of leftover pizza.

I hope you guys are doing awesome. Come Monday, I’ve got to start really getting back on track.… Read More »

Back at it

I got sidetracked with RWA and a ton of other stuff going on and fell off the weight loss plan. Fortunately, I was lucky and didn’t gain any back, though I didn’t lose much, either.

Not sure where I left off, but this morning’s weight (178.8) is a new low. That puts my total loss so far at 46.2 pounds, with 8.8 left to go to meet the goal I set in January. (Since I’m not breaking the glass stones … Read More »

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