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Pretending it’s not Friday

Sorry, guys, but I’m not getting on the scale today. I’m pretty self-aware when it comes to my state of mind and today my mood is burn it all to the ground, leaving nothing but scorched earth in my wake. I’m afraid if I get on the scale and it’s not good, I’ll burn it all to the ground by going from drive-thru to drive-thru eating all the things.

And Winter Break officially starts at 2:30 this afternoon, … Read More »

Another Friday, another pound

Sadly, a pound in the gained column. It’s 1.2, to be precise. I’m going to blame it on Valentine’s Day prime rib. And the pizza we had Wednesday night, the leftovers of which I’ve been working my way through. The clothes I bought the end of last summer are getting too tight to wear again, so I really really need to turn it around.

How did you guys do?

And, on a lighter note, this email amused me. Not as … Read More »

A day late, but no pounds short
Weight graph

I meant to post this yesterday, but there was a storm and all three of my guys had a snow day. Then we got bored and went shopping. It was a lazy, easily-distracted kind of day.

I gained 2.8 pounds. UGH. Up and down. Up and down. This week I had a hat trick of stressors on the table. A phone call. My kid's FAFSA form. An author thing at my library (which turned out to be very enjoyable). Things … Read More »

It’s Friday again?

Time for my weekly date with the bathroom scale. (I keep telling myself I should weigh daily for a while just to stay on track, but I don’t.) Last Friday, I’d gained 4.6 pounds. This week I’ve lost 4 pounds. So, yay, though again I’m chalking a lot of that yo-yo up to Ma Nature.

I did recognize a destructive pattern I have going on, though. When we go out for dinner Friday nights or breakfast Saturday morning, I’ll inevitably … Read More »

Reluctantly checking in

I might have “forgotten” altogether, except I was busted on Twitter. I mean reminded. :)

Pretty crappy week for me. I gained. And I didn’t gain in a mediocre manner. I gained 4.6 pounds. There are, naturally, a myriad of excuses. I was worried about a friend’s surgery and I had two releases this week which means a lot of butt-on-couch time. The teen had mid-terms/finals and, since he only had half-days, we have a tradition of going out for … Read More »

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