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Rebooting, overall

Taz sleeping on the couch At this rate I’m going to have to change the category for these posts from “Weight Loss” to “Weight Gain”. I’m not sure how I managed it, but WW said March 15th was the last time I tracked my weight, which means I gained 2.2 pounds over the month. Maybe due to my activity level, which is represented by Taz over there in the photo.

Spring’s here, though, and it’s time to get moving. We’re having a dumpster delivered Monday … Read More »

Belated Friday non-check-in

I totally spaced weighing in today. I was in the middle of something when my “get on the scale, dumbass” alarm went off and then I never thought of it again until I’d spent the majority of the day pounding iced coffees and M&Ms. But I can tell from the fact I put on a sweatshirt this morning, then took it off and put on another that it wouldn’t have been good news.

How are you all doing? Anybody recently … Read More »

Oops. Checking in a little late.

I’m late today. Had a hard time keeping the fact it’s Friday in my head. I gained .6 of pound, which I’m conveniently blaming on the fact I got on the scale later in the day. (See how easily I make excuses for myself?)

Spring’s coming. Slowly, but it’s coming and I can feel myself coming out of the weird winter funk I’ve been in. Hopefully that’s going to make a difference.

How you guys doing?… Read More »

A very small fraction

I lost .2 of a pound. It’s hardly worth mentioning but, after the last couple of months, I’m calling it a win.

I’m suffering a serious case of cabin fever, which means I need to up my activity level or go mad. I just wish I could ride my ATV, but maybe I’ll play the Wii. And, you know, clean my house a little.

How was your week?… Read More »

Tipping point

Last Friday, I didn’t get on the scale because of my burn it to the ground mood. Maybe I should have. I’ve gained 4.4 pounds in the last two weeks and, while it’s easy to blame my kids being home for winter break and having extra food in the house, I’ve really just misplaced any iota of self-control.

I have to start tracking this week, and I’m also going to set my alarm to get on the scale every day … Read More »

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