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The sometimes WTH of digital reading

(Family advisory: bad words ahead.)

I started reading Lover Mine because…well, because I can’t not read it. Got through the prologue okay, but stumbled over the opening of chapter one. What’s funny is that I think it probably happened in formatting/conversion, but the slang and style is so extreme in the BDB books I just can’t tell for sure.

Another fucking butterfly.

As R.I.P. looked at what was coming through the door of his tart shop, he knew he was

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A Day Off

I had a plan this morning—a carefully orchestrated attack on the to-do list which would enable me to do such things as laundry, planting my Mother’s Day flowers and checking the boys’ gear for the opening weekend of four-wheeling (along with a billion other things), without sacrificing the daily word count.

It was truly one helluva plan.

But my mom called to see if I wanted company for the day and I haven’t seen her in a few months so…tomorrow’s … Read More »

Happy Mother’s Day

I’m one of the very lucky moms whose family doesn’t make her breakfast in bed. We go out for breakfast. (Actually, we go out for breakfast every weekend, but I had an extra cup of coffee today.) But the Short Kid made a card for me that made me get all sniffly over my morning coffee.

This is the front. It’s a picture of me on my four-wheeler, splashing through the mud (which is my favorite thing to do) and … Read More »

British M&B book, perplexed American reader

I’m currently reading a Harlequin Romance, Oh-So-Sensible Secretary by Jessica Hart (digital/print) and enjoying the reading of it very much. No, secretary isn’t one of the category keywords I usually jump at, nor do I usually care for first-person POV or the absence of the hero’s POV, but I was totally sold and bumped it to the top of TBR pile after reading Wendy the SuperLibrarian’s review of the book, which concludes with:

I firmly

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A bloomin’ heroine

My characters always have songs—theme songs, if you will—that, while I’m cleaning the house and such, will evoke the underlying emotion of the characters for me and help put me in the mood to get in their heads. In Undeniably Yours, Kevin has “Fall” by Clay Walker, Beth has the “You Light Up My Life” remake by LeAnn Rimes. Sam and Paulie have “What Can I Say” from Carrie Underwood and Sons of Sylvia.

But I’ve never had a … Read More »

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