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Spot the typo

Yesterday, the boys and I hit the highway to visit Best Buy. It’s about twenty minutes away, which is a good thing. Since the nearest Apple store is an hour away, the siren call of the iPad is muted by distance.

We were after a few things, none of which were an iPad (although we did stop and play with them, as well as drooling on the 27″ iMac because…how could we not?) The boys grabbed Lego: Harry Potter for … Read More »

Literary Meme

This came from Charlene Teglia’s blog. You should do it, too, even though I won’t tag anybody.

1) What author do you own the most books by? Karen Templeton

2) What book do you own the most copies of? Probably Under the Dome by Stephen King because I have the hardcover, plus I have a Kindle copy and a whatever’s on the nook copy. I have more pairs (the paperback’s boxed away somewhere, so I bought a digital copy) … Read More »

George Steinbrenner passes away

I had a blog post rattling around in my head this morning while I cleaned the kitchen and, when I was done, I opened the Macbook to type it out, only to be waylaid by the news George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees, has passed away.

As a lifelong resident of Red Sox Nation, one of my core values is a deep and abiding hatred of the Yankees but, as a baseball fan, there’s no denying … Read More »

The sky last night

From my cellphone, with no alterations or enhancements except cropping parking lot crap off the bottom.

Cool, huh? When we walked out of the restaurant, the world was very yellow, which definitely got our attention.… Read More »

Passive-aggressive suicide by escalator

So Big Brother started last night, which inevitably brings up the subject of reality shows. Our favorite, hands down, is The Amazing Race and my husband often expresses a desire to run the Race.

I usually snort. Whatever, dude.

First, I don’t run. Ever. Jogging around the Wii resort island looking for Super Mario statues kicks my ass. Running across India when it’s 105 degrees, looking for a little yellow flag? Yeah, not so much.

Plus, we don’t travel well … Read More »

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