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#listifylife – Scents That Conjure Up Memories

List of scents, below in text

Today’s Listify Life theme is scents that conjure up memories. They’re hard to describe in words!

LOVE’S BABY SOFT – The perfume my dad gave me for Christmas when I was too young to wear perfume.

HAIRSPRAY – Some hairsprays remind me of the smell of sizzling hairspray being seared by a curling iron. Those bangs tho!

LIVER & ONIONS – Takes me back to gagging my way through washing the pan my stepfather fried his liver and onions in.… Read More »

#1linewed – He kissed a WHAT?

"I kissed a Yankees fan."

When a man kisses a woman, and THEN finds out she’s a Yankees fan…

Slow Summer KissesRead More »

Breakfast with the Staceys

Picture of my completed crossword puzzleSaturday morning, my husband and I went out for breakfast as we do on the weekends. It used to be a family affair, but children grow into teenagers who’d rather sleep late and then grab a Poptart in front of the PS4.

My husband usually reads the newspaper while I bomb around on my phone, but I wasn’t in the mood, so I grabbed the crossword puzzle and challenged myself to finish it before my breakfast arrived. I did…and then … Read More »

#listifylife – Weird talents or skills I have

List of weird talents, written out in text below

Asking people questions five seconds after they take big bites of food (even though I haven’t waited tables in over twenty years).

I brake with my left foot. (I’m not sure it’s a talent or a skill, but my husband assures me it’s weird.)

(I had to ask my husband for help…)

Damaging my RZR over and over without actually having an accident.

(Note to self: don’t ask husband for help again.)

This week’s ‪#‎listifylife‬ theme was HARD and Read More »

#1linewed – Forever Again

"Is she my daughter?"

Forever AgainRead More »

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