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Lazy Sunday

This is pretty much what we’re all doing at Casa Stacey today:

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Is it in yet?

Topics have a way of cycling through the romance community, coming and going and coming around again. A common one is reality in romance, which will often spawn a sub-conversation about virgin heroines and their first time around the block, so to speak.

Common complaints include the heroine not feeling enough pain or not being sore after or having fabulously awesome multiple orgasms right out of the starting gate. Okay, fine. A woman’s first time having sex doesn’t usually … Read More »

The Amazing Race is back!

Since its very first episode, The Amazing Race has been our favorite show and we were thrilled they didn’t let it go as long between seasons this time.

Early favorites: I’m not sure how they’ll do, but I love Jet and Cord (the cowboys) and Dan and Jordan (the brothers — “I’m gay.” “I’m not.” They cracked me up.)

I didn’t realize Jeff & Jordan from Big Brother would be on there. While I think she’s frighteningly dim, she’s very … Read More »

Lost rhythm

My husband was around a lot this past week, which plays hell on my work ethic. Take yesterday for instance:

After taking SK to school, we went out for breakfast. Lingered a little too long over coffee. We came home and I cleaned up the kitchen and he did some paperwork, but then he needed to run to the bank and to Home Depot. I went with him just to get out of the house. After Home Depot, I remembered … Read More »

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!… Read More »

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