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The wheels on the truck go round and round

But not always in a straight, well-balanced manner, so I was “volunteered” to take the pick-up in for a wheel balancing and front-end alignment. This didn’t exactly break my heart since VIP has a sign advertising free wi-fi and a guilt-free hour of sitting on my butt playing with my iPod Touch isn’t the worst thing ever.

Unless the wi-fi’s a no go, which means no catching up on Twitter and Google Reader, or posting a blog entry from the … Read More »

An update on Mr S

Since so many of you held my hand through Mr S’s health scare two and a half years ago (and can you believe it’s been two and a half years), I thought I’d share the update.

He had yet another carotid artery ultrasound today. He was having them every three months, and then six months. So the side they operated on is still doing awesome and the other side is still at 60%, which they still don’t feel is worth … Read More »

Today, I’m traveling

Today’s post can be found at Access Romance! I’m talking about sequels written by somebody other than the original book’s author, and I hope you’ll stop by and chime in!… Read More »

New England’s ugly days

Our snow is all gone now and so begins those ugly days between snow cover and spring green. Everything’s brown. And dead. And matted. All the crap people didn’t get around to picking up before snow fell is revealed again.

Also revealed are the bad gardeners among us, who didn’t weed and properly put to bed their gardens before hard frost. Not surprisingly, that includes me.

Read More »

TV round-up in lieu of actual content

I have Sudafed-brain today, so I’m just going to babble about television. I love TV. Sometimes I remind myself I could get a lot more writing done if I didn’t watch television at night, but then I laugh at myself. No TV? Seriously? So what am I watching?

Amazing Race: This is still our favorite show, hands down. I don’t strongly dislike anybody yet this season, but my early favorites are the cowboys, Jet and Cord. If I had … Read More »

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