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I wonder if the Wii has an attachment for that…

So this morning I broke out the Wii Fit Plus and did, according to its calculations, 20 minutes of working out. How many calories did I burn?


Oh, come on. My breakfast yogurt is 100 calories. Please. And that 20 minutes included the Basic Step (which I don’t seem to have the coordination for), boxing, island cycling, and running along to the Pussycat Dolls.

They say the average calorie burn for thirty minutes of sex, including an orgasm, … Read More »

Emergency recipe request

So Sunday I have to go to a bridal shower. Bridal/baby/whatever showers are one of the lowest levels of Hell for me, but this is one I can’t weasel out of.

The invitation has a tear-off recipe card and we’re supposed to bring our favorite recipe so the bride-to-be can start her collection.


My favorite recipe’s printed right on the side of the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese box.


They’re a young couple, both with awesome careers, so they’re … Read More »

My head’s in the wrong zip code

Here it is 12:09 pm and I haven’t blogged yet. What am I doing?

Watching 90210 reruns. (The original, not the new remake.) The Soap channel has reruns on at 11:00 and noon during the week (it’s on other times and during the weekend, as well, but I limit myself to the consecutive mid-weekday run).

I just can’t quit this show. I tell myself I’ll put it on for background noise and to give myself a two-hour block for writing, … Read More »

Poor Jack Bauer–with major 24 spoilers

There are spoilers for last night’s episode of 24 in this post.

I mean it.

Serious spoilers.

Not just vague spoilers, but flat-out who’s dead and who’s not. You’ve been warned.

So I’m royally pissed off at the 24 writers. Let me say I didn’t like Rene Walker AT ALL in the beginning of this season. I wasn’t a huge fan of hers last season, but this season I thought they really screwed her up. Last season she got all … Read More »

An epic lack of gardening skills

So Sarah started talking gardening on Whipped Out and then Jaci joined in. Now they’re doing a Garden-Off, which you can read about here if you want to join in.

I will not be joining in. Why? Here’s my poor, neglected garden, still buried under the rotting crap I didn’t clean up before the snow fell.

I hate gardening, which is probably an extension of the fact I hate being outside. I know many people find weeding and tinkering in … Read More »

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