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#listifylife – Favorite Places to Waste Time on the Internet

My favorite internet spots, listed below in text

My Listify Life list for my favorite places to waste time on the internet probably has the usual suspects. 💻📱

Twitter (hashtag can’t quit you)

Facebook (only the fun stuff)

Instagram (heart emoji PICS heart emoji)

And Etsy, where I spend entirely too much time looking at stickers I don’t need.… Read More »

The countdown to the Boys of Fall returning begins!

Photo of box of Homecoming ARCs

Homecoming is in my hand! And on August 30th, it can be in your hand, too! :)

I posted the first chapter, so you can read that and find preorder links here!… Read More »

#listifylife – Things I Splurge On

List of my indulgences, written below in text

This week’s Listify Life theme is things I splurge on.

Everything Apple



Yummy-smelling bath stuff

My ATV helmet (I have a super light one to ease strain on my neck)

I think pens and notebooks will be on a LOT of lists! What are your favorite indulgences?… Read More »

Bullet Journal: Word Count Tracking Page

I was asked about how I track my word count in my bullet journal, and it’s easier to answer here. (If you click on a photo, you can see a larger version…theoretically.)

Pic of word count tracking page

I did up June’s page to be the example. Down the left are the days of the week and the date. Across the top are Title, Start, Days (until deadline), Goal, End, Total, and a little box to draw a star or a happy face if I meet … Read More »

When past me confuses present me…

Photo of planner with "crack pot stuff" as the 9am task

When it’s 6:30am and your planner says “crack pot stuff” and all you can do is wish past you had been more specific. 😂 (Caffeinated me needs to “buy the ingredients for crack potatoes”.)… Read More »

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