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True Confession: Words(less) With Friends

I’m a sucker for fun apps, especially when it seems like everybody in the world is talking about them. I overdosed on the Angry Birds Kool-Aid. I’ve Cut The Rope a few times. I’ve even been a Fruit Ninja, though I gave up on that one pretty quickly since it seemed…pointless.

Right now it seems Words With Friends is all the rage. Basically it’s Scrabble without using the word Scrabble and you can play against your friends. (Hence it not … Read More »

True confessions: I hate April 1st

I took this picture in our neighborhood this morning. I think the car belongs to a professor at the private prep school our property borders, so I’m guessing students.

While that amused me very much at 6:45 this morning, I can’t stress enough how greatly I despise April Fools Day. I’ve got a pretty healthy sense of humor but one thing I don’t deal well with, no doubt for reasons a therapist would have a field day with, is being … Read More »

True Confessions: It's all about the wheels

I was backed into a conversational corner the other day and was forced to admit that, except for my first “steady” high school boyfriend, I’ve never dated a guy who didn’t drive a truck. Further poking at this character flaw revealed I always assume guys in cars are stuck with a company vehicle or their wives’ cars for the day, and I would never date a guy who drives a hybrid.

There are three exceptions to the truck rule: 1) … Read More »

Thursday Thirteen # 12
Thirteen True Confessions of a Small Screen Addict

1. My family recently started watching America’s Got Talent and…I’m starting to find The Hoff a little bit sexy. (Highlight to bear witness to my secret shame.) I know. There should be some kind of scarlet letter for that particular crime. I take comfort, however, in the knowledge I don’t find him anywhere near as sexy as he himself does.

2. My sister has had my Firefly and Serenity DVDs

Read More »
True Confessions–The Chicken Feet

I’m just going to get this whole chicken feet thing out of the way right now. It comes up occassionally, so I’ll let y’all in on the joke.

In yesterday’s meme, I had to list three things that scare me and my answer was earwigs (I blame the Wrath of Kahn), ice (when you have a fear of being underwater, this seems natural) and chicken feet.

I’m not afraid of chickens. I spent more than my share of time … Read More »

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