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Thursday Thirteen #13

This Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to every writer who’s ever submitted to NY by snail mail and had to make the long, dreaded walk to the mailbox every day for months.

Thirteen things to do while standing at the window, waiting for the mail and dreading the return of the SASE:

1. Run through a mental list of non-writing-related reasons a submission might be rejected: A NYT-lister watched the same documentary and beat you to the what-if based proposal; the

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Thursday Thirteen # 12
Thirteen True Confessions of a Small Screen Addict

1. My family recently started watching America’s Got Talent and…I’m starting to find The Hoff a little bit sexy. (Highlight to bear witness to my secret shame.) I know. There should be some kind of scarlet letter for that particular crime. I take comfort, however, in the knowledge I don’t find him anywhere near as sexy as he himself does.

2. My sister has had my Firefly and Serenity DVDs

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Thursday Thirteen #…umm…11
Thirteen Reasons You Should Go Buy Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian RIGHT NOW:

1. All the lush texture and emotional depth we loved in her Tina St. John historicals…it’s all there!

2. Lucan

3. Holy hot & bothered, Batman! That cover would seriously improve ANY decor. Gorgeous!

4. Dante

5. The vampire mythology—the story behind the Breed—is utterly fascinating. I actually said “Oh, that is SO cool!” aloud while reading.

6. Tegan

7. I liked the women in this

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Thursday Thirteen #10
Thirteen Things I’ve Pondered in the Last 24 Hours:

1. How can such a tiny splinter cause so much pain?

2. Is the pickle scene from Taming Eliza Jane in the wrong place, arc-wise?

3. Holy crap! On the Edge is eligible in the novella category of the RITAs! (It’s just shy of 40k.) Should I? Shouldn’t I? If I get a blue-hair, Charlotte could totally trigger a stroke.

4. How can Emma not see that Anakin was the best

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Thursday Thirteen #9
Thirteen Answers to the Thirteen Questions You Asked Me Yesterday

1. Why do you drink ice cold coffee when you live in the freakin frozen tundra of New Hampshire? — I always have to have a drink at hand or I feel like I’m dying of thirst. A Dunkin Donuts iced coffee is larger than their largest hot coffee. Plus, while I adore iced coffee, I can’t drink cold hot coffee.

2. How many books will you have out this

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