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A conversation with the husband about Sven

HIM: Nothing much going on, so I’m going to stay home and work on the office today.

ME: You’re staying home? But I’m supposed to start sweating with Sven today!

HIM: So? You can exercise while I’m home.

ME: Exercise? Why do you assume it’s exercise? You think I’m fat, don’t you? Why don’t you just call me hey you, fat lady from now on?

HIM: What the hell am I supposed to think sweating with Sven is?

ME: Maybe

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Working up a good sweat

I’ve decided to Sweat with Sven, commencing November 10th. (Click on the graphic for more info if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) For 70 days, I’m going to write 4-5 pages per day. (My goal is 60k, which doesn’t divide evenly, so it’s…whatever.)

Hopefully at the end of the sweating I’ll have a book that readers who liked Forever Again will enjoy. And since the story’s been in my head for quite some time, in its entirety, the … Read More »

Miscellaneous stuff

Did Sven terrorize me into meeting my goal for the week? Well…yes and no. Here’s what I wrote in my check-in last night:

I surpassed my goal of 7k for the week by 565 words, which sounds okay, but really isn’t. One of the things I’m trying to cure myself of is binge writing and I got 5570 of those words today.

Word count=good. Binge writing=not so good.

In other news, despite some of the most biased refs I’ve seen … Read More »

Oh my achin' DVR

American League Champions! Wicked pissah, of course. And we really have to win the World Series now because Beckett told Papelbon he’d River Dance with him if they win it all. Now that that’s on the table, my life will be incomplete if I don’t get to see it.

I’m ready. Even got my Tessie ringtone. You know, Americans have complained about having a national anthem that’s so hard to sing, but really, y’all should try being a Red Sox … Read More »

First day of sweating

If you look to the sidebar at right, I’ll be updating my daily progress for 70 Days of Sweat. My goal is 1000 words per day on DG3, and I’ll be updating by the week and overall.

Today I only got 745, but I’m using a different kind of notebook for added portability and I’m only getting about 190 per page. There goes my easy math. Instead of needing four handwritten pages per day, I need like 5.2. I’ll … Read More »

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