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Retro Shan: Negative Reviews

(I’m still crazy busy, so here’s a repeat from 3/29/07—a Thursday Thirteen list I did on dealing with rejection. Number five was, and still is, just a joke.)

Thirteen things you can do with a printed copy of a negative review:

1. Set it on fire in the driveway. (An obvious one, yes, but a method I’ve used on crappy drafts in the past. I have stopped doing that, but only because the Mustang has a slow gas leak. Wouldn’t

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Retro Shan: Secret babies

(I’m grinding along under a self-imposed deadline and the project happens to be a reunion/secret baby—because I love me some secret babies—so here’s a post I originally wrote in April of ’08.)

My unabashed adoration for secret baby romances isn’t something I keep buried behind the bassinet. I’ve even written two of them myself. As a reader I’ve gone through a ton of them, and I have certain expectations:

1. Whatever separated them post-conception can’t sustain the book. There has … Read More »

Kinda Retro Shan: May 10, 2007

We’re heading out. Today’s the last day of mud season, so tomorrow we get to ride! :boogie:

Because I always forget how to pack over the course of the winter, I’m currently running around like a starving racoon chasing a hot dog on a string, so I’m reposting a list I did from last summer.

A few things women need to know about four-wheeling:

* Make sure your personal grooming has been meticulously attended to before hitting the trails. Tick … Read More »

Retro Shan: July 26, 2007

I’m not really here right now. I’ll probably pop online sporadically, but I’m :type: like a mad woman for the first time in a long time and I don’t want to risk sidetracking Ezmerelda. (I’ll probably be blogging about how NOT to write after suffering a loss at some point.) But for now, here’s a repeat of one of my favorite blog entries of the past. Hey, if you get drunk enough you may forget you’ve already read it.

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Retro Shan: December 11, 2006

Life is settling somewhat and I’m almost out of my funk so if I owe you an email or something, I’m almost there. I’m planning to break out completely today by plugging Miracle into the DVD player. If you can remain in a funk after hearing Al Michaels yell “Do you believe in miracles? YES!”, I think your state of mind requires a non-prescription drug only available from small third-world countries and shipped by ingested condom.

So anyway, while … Read More »

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