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Rerun: But she’s got a great personality

Because opening the Add New Post window here at the blog did nothing but offer up an evil, taunting flashing cursor, I thought hey, wouldn’t it be cool to see what I blogged about on February 20th, 2005?, so off I went into the archive of eight years past.

Apparently, newbie-author-me was struggling with my first ever cover request. I bet, at the time, I thought they’d get easier, which is pretty funny. I still hate them. And the … Read More »

Rerun: Gear shifting and doom

I’m quite swamped at the moment, so I’m re-running an old favorite post I stumbled upon while searching for something in my blog archives. For those who don’t know, because it’s been off the road for several years, I have a 1967 Mustang. Just a little inline-6 coupe, not the “Eleanor”, but I love her. On with the rerun…

From May 23, 2007:

In other news, here’s a little convo I had with the tall kid yesterday:

The setup: We’re Read More »

Retro Shan: Endearing traits

(I’m swamped by a few things I have to get done today, so here’s a rerun from the archives. Original airdate for this entry: 11/9/07)

One thing I love about romance heroes is how they manage to find their heroines’ annoying little character flaws quirks endearing. So I started a Thursday Thirteen listing random character flaws quirks I possess that my hero must find endearing. (Paragraph of irrelevent rambling taken out.)

Six character flaws traits my husband might find endearing:Read More »

Retro Shan: The overuse of TSTL

Today HelenKay Dimon is guestblogging at Genreality on retiring the term TSTL (Too Stupid To Live). While pondering my thoughts on the subject, I realized I’d already shared my thoughts on TSTL here on my blog, so I dug them out to share them again.

(This blog entry was originally posted on January 28, 2005. There was a novella in which the heroine risked her life to save her dog and she was resoundingly trounced as TSTL. This was my Read More »

Retro Shan: My ornaments, let me show you some

(We decorated the tree last night and I wanted to share some of my favorite ornaments, but I’m a little busy this weekend. This is a post from the Christmas 2007 season, but it’s all still true, so I’ll start with this and then share a few more ornaments over the coming weeks.)

So, in the spirit of ho-ho-ho-ing, I’m going to share a few favorite ornaments from my tree with y’all. I adore my tree, and every single ornament … Read More »

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