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Random ruminations

The Assassination of Jesse James with Brad Pitt was horrible. Not as bad as No Country for Old Men, but a huge disappointment.

In the last month or so, I’ve seen three different characters’ homes described as a Craftsman. A what? Is that a house that Sears built? I assume it’s a style, like a New Englander or a Colonial, but I’ve never heard of a Craftsman. I wish I could remember the titles it was used in … Read More »

Olympic rant and babbling

Why, oh why, did it run over until 12:freaking:30 this morning? In my exhaustion I can only guess it takes the gymnastics judges that long to count on their fingers.

My heart breaks for Alicia. Really it does, but they really tripped over something that’s been bothering me since the opening of the Games. They walked in broken and battered, with girls sitting on the sidelines, hoping and praying they could eek out a Bronze. But once Gold flittered into … Read More »

National Treasure 2—with spoilers

WARNING: Here there be spoilers. And not vague ones, either, but pretty specific. So if you haven’t seen National Treasure 2, consider yourself warned!

Spoilers after the jump (and they’ll probably end up in comments, too)… Read More »

Summer TV

Now that the Celtics ( :boogie: ) aren’t keeping us up until midnight every other night, we’ve started catching up on television. While I’m seriously missing Criminal Minds and NCIS, I’m enjoying the fluff.

Wipeout: Oh my freakin’ word—all four of us were laughing so hard for an entire hour I was afraid there’d be nobody to call 911 when we all passed out from lack of oxygen. Stupid? Yes. But that was some funny, funny shit.

I Survived a Read More »


This puppy isn’t happy unless some part of her body is in contact with some part of my body—generally her ass on my feet—and she can cause quite a ruckus if I leave her sight.


The Celtics are interfering with my TV schedule and causing a DVR overload, but we’re starting to catch up on shows:

I’m extremely unhappy with Criminal Minds. If they ARE losing a BAU member, he or she deserves better than that. And it … Read More »

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