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Letters to the Idols returns

First, Dear Producers: About them singing the Michael Jackson catalogue—once David Cook did his jaw-dropping rendition of Billie Jean, the MJ songs should have been taken off the table. The bar, he set that sucker so high it whacked the ISS.

Dear Lil Rounds: The Way You Make Me Feel—You’ve been one of my top three since your audition, but I wasn’t wowed. Unfortunately, that could possibly be attributed just a little bit to my absolute, total loathing … Read More »

Hey, it's Grammy night!

I love awards shows, but I don’t have a lot of success actually watching them because:

The Country Music Awards: The husband snorts, says “Yeah, right” and finds something else to watch.

The Oscars: While I love the opening bits, the enjoyment factor is seriously reduced when you haven’t seen any of the movies.

The Emmys: Not good for my blood pressure because I end up screaming mad everytime a category comes up which mixes network and cable shows. How … Read More »

A Snowy Sunday

Nothing like 12-18″ and high winds to force a slowdown in the holiday madness. Here at Casa Stacey we’re curled up in the living room watching Gettysburg (though we’ll probably skip the dreadfully disappointing Gods & Generals after and go for Hancock or Indy 4). This is the first time seeing Gettysburg for the boys.

And, in the name of keeping up the holiday spirit, here’s another outtake from the taking of the Christmas card photo:

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Am I the only one…

I just saw a commercial for “Mommie Dearest”, which is playing Sunday night on the Soap channel.

(I don’t watch the Soap channel as a rule, but I’ve discovered there are two 90210 episodes on every day and I’m trying desperately to resist. I’m not doing so well.)

But anyway, I used to loved “Mommie Dearest” and I’ve seen it many times. And I’ve always wondered…

Where the hell did Christina get a wire hanger?

:shrug:… Read More »

Writer, how dare you?

Dear Television Writers,

Sometimes conversations flare up around the ‘net regarding whether readers have a sense of entitlement regarding a favorite series, and what the author owes the reader. I generally keep my mouth shut. One, those conversations by their very nature pit authors against readers. Misconstruing of comments invariably ensues. And, two, as with many conversations, I don’t sit firmly on either side of the fence. I’m an author, but I’m a reader, too. Those two aspects of myself … Read More »

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