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Movies and the attack dog

My husband went north this weekend. Without us. There was a poker run going on and some of “the guys” were going and, since those particular guys ride their ATVs faster than I drive my car, the boys and I graciously bowed out. Fast food, video games, watching movies. Yeah, life was tough.

Friday night I watched The Holiday. It was okay. Kinda cute. Though I’m apparently the only person on Twitter to feel this way, I wanted more … Read More »

Letters to the Idols: Disco Week

Disco week? :gaah:

Dear Lil Rounds: (“I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan) I didn’t like that at all. I thought it was blah and bland and…not good. Just slightly better than average karaoke, and you’re already topping my list of who I want to see go home.

Mr S says: 5.5

Dear Kris Allen: (“She Works Hard for the Money” by Donna Summer) Ooooh…intriguing. Interesting arrangement, and I’m pretty sure I like it. A little odd, but in a good … Read More »

Letters to the Idols: Movie Week

Movies! Awesome! But let’s pretend none of you saw Titanic, okay?

Dear Quentin Tarantino: I don’t like seeing you on television because I think you’re hot and that disturbs me. You disturb me. You’re very dark. But funny. Is it your dark and funny creative genius that draws me to you? It ain’t the hair.

Dear Allison: (“I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing”—Aerosmith—Armageddon) I don’t know if you’re too young for the song. I get that … Read More »

Letters to the Idols: Grand Ol' Opry Week

(Note: Most of you probably already know who left because I’m horribly late. Unfortunately, now that NCIS and The Mentalist have come out of repeats, we DVR’d Idol and only watched it yesterday evening after supper. I’ve managed to avoid all Idol news, but after I post this I’ll go hunt up the results.)

Question: Why does Randy Travis look twenty years younger now than he did ten years ago?

Dear Michael Sarver: (Ain’t Goin’ Down Til the Sun Read More »

Starring Nathan Fillion as…Nathan Fillion

So I was talking to somebody who doesn’t really have great taste in on-screen men (which is good, because I’m married to him), and was horrified to learn he doesn’t really like Nathan Fillion.


(Maybe that’s because he knows that’s the one guy on the planet I’d leave him for.)

Anyway, he said you’d already have to be a Nathan Fillion fan to really love Castle because he’s one of those actors who’s always himself.

Like Tom Selleck. Whether … Read More »

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