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Going to need more popcorn

I very rarely go see a movie in the theater, though there are exceptions for movies the entire family wants to see, like the Harry Potter movies and The Avengers. Lately, however, it seems like I want to see everything at the theater. I don’t know if everything looks exceptionally good to me or if I just want to get out of the house.

Movies I wanted to see in the theater, but missed:


Silver Linings Playbook

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Very random miscellaneous stuff

I watched the Grammy Awards off and on last night and thought, overall, it was a dreadfully awful production. I’m happy for Adele, even though I think the only song I’ve ever really listened to is “Rolling in the Deep” and it’s the percussion that sucks me in. And I adore Lady Antebellum, but I’m so tired of them winning every single thing. I got to see Jason Aldean, though, which makes it all good.

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Epic TV roundup

Now that it’s the middle of October (*pauses to cry*), I’m going to talk about fall television. Why? To distract myself from refreshing my email every ten seconds, looking for my Christmas novella cover. WANT! Anyway…what we’re watching here at Casa Stacey:

The Amazing Race – Still as awesome as ever. We’ve never missed an episode.
And that’s pretty much all we watch on Sunday. We use the extra time to catch up on DVRed shows.

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So many movies, so little time

This morning, I was surfing around my iPod Touch while drinking my coffee and bought Miranda Lambert’s Revolution album. While it was downloading, I clicked on movies. The only time we go to the theater is to see Harry Potter movies so, with 7.2 coming out soon, I’m not sure we’ll ever go again after that. Therefore, I usually having something of a running “I want to see that” list lurking in the murky recesses of my mind.

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No matter what occurs…

I’m a little frazzled and frenzied this week, juggling two projects while the OMG, school starts Monday panic siren screams in my head.

And, of course, all I want to do is watch The Last of the Mohicans for the umpteenth time, which is totally my mother’s fault.

That scene, when they first start walking and we see Uncas watching Alice? *swoon*

And the men running straight up the side of a mountain to rescue their women? *swoon*

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