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My favorite (and least so) movies of 2013

I don’t get to see a lot of movies. Theater trips have traditionally been limited to Harry Potter and Marvel movies and, while I’ll buy movies on Blu-ray or iTunes, it’s often quite some time before I/we actually watch them. So, I watched the following movies in 2013, but they weren’t necessarily released in 2013.

My three least favorite movies of 2013:

3. Dredd — I was expecting a reboot of Judge Dredd, which I should probably be embarrassed … Read More »

You know! THAT guy!

Finally watched the season premiere of Hawaii 5-0 yesterday. Shooting! Kissing! Plot holes! Now with added Chi McBride!

So I was watching and I saw a face I recognized and said, “Isn’t that…”

What happened in my head: “You know, the guy from Lost. The hot guy with the dreamy accent because he’s from Scotland, and he has pretty hair. He fell in love with whatsername, with the boat. Penny! Only it wasn’t Penny’s boat. He was the button-pusher! You Read More »

My husband and the pause button

I think my husband has taken the DVR thing a little too far. I know we, as an entire family, are spoiled by it. If we’re watching TV at camp, one of us will inevitably say “pause it because I have to pee”, and everybody else will laugh. The lack of an onscreen guide also perplexes us. How do people know what’s on and on what channel? We’ve forgotten how to watch television without one.

Of course, one of the … Read More »

The power of IM-duh-BAH

IMDb icon If you were to gather my family’s computers and gadgets all in one place and poke through them, I have no doubt that the app used the most, collectively, would be the IMDb app. When you’re watching a show and somebody says, “Hey, it’s that guy—you know, the guy who was in that show with the woman who was in Seinfeld“, or whatever, you can go to the show and follow the breadcrumbs back to that guy. Release … Read More »

All about the undead over here

After seeing the ravings on Twitter for so long, I finally succumbed and decided to check out the first episode of The Walking Dead. That became an epic glom that didn’t end until I ran out of episodes. My talking about it led to the Teen wanting to watch it, and then our discussions led to the husband wanting to check it out. Much to the Short Kid’s dismay, I had to tell him no. (Not so much because … Read More »

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