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My current Top 3 movies

iPad Mini screen displaying covers for the live action Beauty and the Beast, Goon, and the new Wonder Woman

My iPad Mini doesn’t have a lot of memory, so I can only carry three movies around at a time. They change from time to time (Pacific Rim and How the Grinch Stole Christmas cycle through a lot) but my current Top 3 are Beauty and the BeastGoon, and Wonder Woman. And Goon: Last of the Enforcers will be joining them in a couple of days. (I’ll delete other stuff to squeeze in four movies, … Read More »

Harry Potter, out of order…

Screenshot of iTunes library on iPad, with Harry Potter movies in alphabetical order

My Harry Potter movies being in alphabetical order instead of the real order will forever vex me. If you’re an HP fan, which book/movie is your favorite? (Mine is the first.)… Read More »

A Netflix rec for the weekend

Photo of my movie log, described in text


You might remember I’m trying to make time for movies, and I’m doing okay with it. Considering how seldom I’ve watched movies in the last few years, four in a month (so far) is progress.

As you can see, I’ve borrowed slightly from the Rotten Tomatoes scale. Whether I’m reading or viewing, I’m not super analytical. It’s just a “well, that sucked” (green splat) or a “that was good” (red tomato), but for a movie I really liked … Read More »

Making time for movies

Journal page for tracking movies

We rarely go to the movie theater. Our town only has a “cinema pub” with the big tables and the super expensive menus. I don’t mind the fact wine and cocktails are on that menu, but it’s about $120 night out for my family. (It’s the appetizers that really get us, but nothing saps willpower like things that are fried and/or involve cheese.)

For a while, trips to the theater were reserved for Harry Potter. Then the Marvel movies. My … Read More »

Not smarter than the remote control

Everybody’s good at some things and not-so-good at others. This is awesome because it means we all do different things and everything gets done. Eventually.

Quite often, we wish we could do things we’re not so good at. I wouldn’t mind being able to paint. Or sing. I’d really like to be able to sing, actually. I also can’t cook. But the most annoying thing I’m not-so-good at?

Fast-forwarding through commercials.

Every once in a while, I’ll end up with … Read More »

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