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The TV Post part 2

Okay, where was I?

Lost: This show jumped the shark when they blew the hatch, but my husband still makes me watch it. I miss the polar bear and the freaky black cloud, and they’ve diluted the story by having way too many characters now.

Shark: (I forget what night this is on.) It’s okay. The husband likes it more than I do, and I find the daughter annoying as hell.

Survivor: They should never have messed with the original … Read More »

Now for the TV post

The Amazing Race: Still number one at Casa Stacey. We’re enjoying the all-star season, even though several of the teams do NOT deserve the title. The casting has nothing to do with being an all-star and everything to do with stirring the personality pot. We were disappointed that our favorite “fat bastards” from Season 1 turned into total duds, but I’m still loving Rob and Amb-uh. He has the most incredibly sexy diabolical mind.

Cold Case: We watch … Read More »

Watching TV with a box of tissues

Watching television turns me into a bit of a crybaby. It was the worst after the tall kid was born. I remember vaguely a commercial that featured a baby crying over a monitor. I don’t even remember what they were advertising, but I remember sobbing and pleading with the TV for somebody to “for god’s sake, pick up the baby!” Yes, I am the Hallmark card demographic.

The show that has me crying in my cornflakes this season? (You’re expecting … Read More »

Chicken Little & Lost

I took the short kid to the movies yesterday. We have a Smitty’s, which is a movie theatre with tables and waitstaff and such so you get to eat in the dark while having your hearing destroyed. But one of the preschool moms sets up lunch/movie dates for the kids—if she gets enough people, they’ll open a theatre and provide pizza and soda. It’s pretty cool, actually. So we all trooped in yesterday to see Chicken Little, and I brought … Read More »

Snarkywood does Lost!

Check it out!Read More »

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