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Writing with the Staceys

The following conversation took place between the hours of…um, the time I got up and the time I went to bed?

(Speaking of which, thank God “24” is over for the season. WTF was that? Besides the storyline that made no sense, having Jack Bauer say “I’m at a crossroads”? Gag. Oh, and LOST writers? :censor: you, people, and the Vespas you :censor:ing rode in on, too. At any point during the writers meetings, did anybody say “But why wouldn’t … Read More »

Right on the ball

So our DVD player has been freezing up on us now, much to our aggravation.

(Oh, speaking of aggravation…the movie Solaris Syriana SUCKS.)

We hit upon the bright idea of perhaps cleaning it. We went to Walmart and they make this cool little kit for cleaning DVD players. Yay! The directions recommend doing it after every 8 hours of play.

Umm…we’ve had this DVD player six years.

Oops.… Read More »

Is it over yet?

You know it’s Monday when you’ve deleted two blog entry drafts by 8am. The first pondered whether—with the proliferation of review sites and review blogs and such—we’re giving away more books than we sell. The second was a total pity party in which I wondered who I have to sleep with to get On the Edge reviewed. I chalked both up to a sugar high crash and deleted.

I’m so glad Easter’s over. There are two days for which everything … Read More »

Got power?

Apparently, a power line explicably decided to commit suicide and throw itself into Lake Winnipesaukee yesterday. That’s the story, anyway. What really sucked about this outage was the power coming back on. I reset all the blinking clocks and rebooted things and whatnot. Then it went out again. And stayed out until after three this morning.

We missed 24, which is not good. While I think this season sucks and only continue to watch because the husband insists, the … Read More »

A brief American Idol musing…

So, the voters didn’t even put Sanjaya in the bottom three.

I want everybody to ponder this as you fall asleep tonight:

These are the same people who vote for the President of the United States—the same people who choose the Commander-In-Chief of the most powerful military force in the world.

Sweet dreams.… Read More »

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