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Season Premiere Week: Wednesday

Serious thunderstorms this morning. Must type fast.

Can’t remember the name: The new sitcom starring Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) and the wife from Everybody Loves Raymond. I’m not sure if Kelsey can be funny without David Hyde Pierce, and the actress…it’s silly to be biased against her because she treated a fictional husband like crap for so many years, but I am. We DVR’d it because we had to go out. Stay tuned.

Criminal Minds: Awesome, as always. I had … Read More »

Season Premiere Week: Tuesday

The top of this desk is now so cluttered I don’t have enough space to set down my iced coffee. My only option is to hold it in my left hand and type with only my right, so forgive any typos.

On a non-Premiere Week note, I had the opportunity yesterday to see Transformers. I don’t have words to describe my love for this movie. When the Decepticon-possessed Mustang cop car took off after Bumblee in Camaro form, I … Read More »

Season Premiere Week: Monday

(Brand new shows marked with a *)

How I Met Your Mother: Always hilarious. I still can’t believe how funny the Doogie guy grew up to be. And one of the reasons I got sucked into this show is the storytelling method and how intriguing it is that the “core” relationship isn’t, because Robin’s not the mother.

* The Big Bang Theory: OMG. Opening with two guys going to the sperm bank together? :rofl: Funniest show since….hell, funniest show … Read More »

Wednesday Miscellanea

Today’s RTB day for me, so hop on over there and eavesdrop on a conversation between the husband and I about attending the RWA National conference.

Last night, the news reported “ginormous” has been added to the dictionary, which saddens me greatly. I mean, really, if they keep taking our fun and funky words and making them all official, how boring will that be?

Big Brother 8: Not sure how I feel about having an “America’s Player” yet, but I … Read More »

Thursday Thirteen # 12
Thirteen True Confessions of a Small Screen Addict

1. My family recently started watching America’s Got Talent and…I’m starting to find The Hoff a little bit sexy. (Highlight to bear witness to my secret shame.) I know. There should be some kind of scarlet letter for that particular crime. I take comfort, however, in the knowledge I don’t find him anywhere near as sexy as he himself does.

2. My sister has had my Firefly and Serenity DVDs

Read More »
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